TronRaider is not like a typical TRON casino, but the popular DApp is instead a fun gambling game that challenges players to avoid a monstrous ogre to win money.

The game has emerged as one of the most popular on of the new breed of TRON DApps and gambling games, with cool, cartoon graphics and provably fair gaming making a winning combination.

Here is our full Tron Raider review, with information on how to qualify for exclusive an exclusive TronRaider bonus. Rage game

The main game offered by TronRaider is simply called Rage.

The game presents the player with a giant troll like monster that you must outwit to win money.

Place a wager and hold your nerve as long as you can as the monster tries to bash you with a giant club.

If you cash out before you get clubbed, you win the corresponding multiplier. You can pre-set the exit multiplier before each game and then sit back and watch the action.

TronRaider is great fun and the graphics are pretty slick for a TRON-based blockchain game.

You can watch your character on screen, trying to avoid the hideous creature, along with others who are playing at the same time.

When we were playing, we managed to avoid the monster’s club long enough to bag some nice multipliers, too.

The art style is reminiscent of World of Warcraft, with rich drawing and a simply interface to place your bets. It looks fantastic.

From a gameplay perspective, this is essentially a modern take on a moon or rocket game. The longer you hold your nerve, the higher your possible winnings; but also, the risk that you could walk away with nothing. It is a great format for those with the will to gamble.

TronRaider Bash game

Bash is a new game that has just launched with TronRaider.

The game presents itself as a classic 2D fighter from the glory days of games consoles (think Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.).

You play a knight, fighting against a giant monster.

Place your wager and the begin the turn-based battle. Each side begins with full health, but loses blood pressure when attacked by the other side.

The other side can choose to launch another attack or recover some of their blood. Either you beat the monster and win a multiplier, or lose the battle and lose your stake.

We love this retro game that adds an element of strategy to your gambling.

TronRaider Bash provides a nice alternative if you fancy something different to the main Rage game.

Earn dividends with TronRaider bonus

Perhaps the coolest thing about Tron Raider is the chance to earn RUBY tokens as you play. These RUBY tokens are a kind of XP which you earn the more you play the games.

You can use RUBY to earn a share of dividends and profit from Tron Raider, which can often amount to several million TRX in the total pool.

It is a great mechanism which rewards those players who are loyal to TronRaider and play the game a lot.

Even if you don’t win TRX against the monster, you will still be gaining RUBY and so will still qualify for the dividend, as long as you ‘freeze’ you RUBY on the website.

The RUBY dividend pool offers short-term, medium-term and long-term rewards, so there is something for everyone.

Future development with TronRaider

There is plenty more to come from the TronRaider team.

It will soon launch a new game called Map. No details have yet been released, but we are excited to find out more when it does launch.

The TronRaider team has plenty more planned, too. We love that it is standing apart from the traditional TRON casinos, like Tronext and Tronbet.

According to its whitepaper, TRONRAIDER is an innovative blockchain online gaming platform, which combines exquisite game drawings with simple and understandable game operations, where players can get a sense of accomplishment while playing. We expect to see more games in this style soon.

And TronRaider is already a very popular TRON game; it regularly ranks towards the top of the DAppRadar lists.

  • Range of games 86% 86%
  • User experience 85% 85%
  • Support and trustworthiness 92% 92%
  • Bonuses 83% 83%
  • Currencies and languages 82% 82%




TRONRAIDER is not a typical TRON gambling DApp, but if you want something different to the same old dice games, this is one of the most fun TRON games out there. We love both Bash and Rage and are looking forward to the release of some new games.

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