Tronext’s TNX token has opened trading on leading decentralised exchange TronTrade, achieving an initial market cap valuation of $4.6m.

Trading of TNX opened on the platform this morning (June 13), with activity already beginning to build.

It marks a successful launch for TNX, the token of decentralised casino Tronext.

The gambling DApp is among the most popular on the TRON network, processing around 3 million TRON in wagers over the past seven days.

The TNX token is earned by playing Tronext games, but can now be bought or sold on TronTrade. It entitles its holders to a share of the profits from the Tronext casino.

It is currently trading at around 1.4 TRX on the platform, and with a supply of 100 million tokens, it has achieved a market capitalisation of around 140 million TRX, currently $4.6m.

Tronext is ranked as the top TRON-based casino by

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