TRON has recently exploded as a gambling cryptocurrency – with leading the way as one of the most popular casinos. HERE’s OUR FULL REVIEW.

TRON’s fast transaction times, provably fair ecosystem and strong development community has made it the perfect altcoin with which to bet.

A new dApp was recently launched on the TRON (or TRX blockchain) and it is called TRONbet. is a new casino offering a range of games that are proven to be among the fairest games online.

There was a lot of publicity that went alongside the launch of and the new games proved immensely popular and were played more than 10,000 times on the first day it went live.

The TRON Foundation even posted on Twitter about how gaming would be blockchain’s ‘killer app’, celebrating the success of


Before you get started with TRONbet, make sure you have TronLink installed in your browser, and that you have some TRON in your wallet. You can buy TRON from most major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Games at offers a range of entertaining games to gamble on. At time of writing, there are three classic games available to users.

All three are provably fair, so you can be sure your bets are honest and true.

The most popular game is a classic: Dice. TRONbet’s dice game features a clean and sleek interface, making it easy to adjust your bet amount and adjust the slider to see which number you want to roll over or under.

There is a chat box to the left, and interestingly a Wager WarZ box to the right. Wager WarZ challenges users to bet the most TRON during a set time period. If you are at the top of the list at the end of the countdown, you win free TRON.

The top prize for Wager WarZ is an impressive 8,000 TRX, with smaller prizes if you finish near the top of the leaderboard.

The second game on TRONbet is another classic: Moon. Here, the graphics are simple but again the interface is extremely intuitive. This game is particularly enjoyable alongside the chatbox, as users support each other.

Finally, there is a TRONbet Ring game, which is something not seen on all TRON casinos. Ring may not be as common as games such as Dice and Moon, but it is interesting addition and fun to play if you want a break from the classics.

More recently, TRONbet has launched TRONbet LIVE, offering players 10 great slots games to choose from. TRONbet slots are the leading TRON-based slots on the market; even Justin Sun is impressed!

Put simply is just getting started, and soon users will have access to a full suite of casino games.

How does TRONBET work?

You might have a lot of questions like: how do you bet with Tron?  The rules for how to gamble at TRONbet can be found on its official website, although to be honest if it is all fairly self-explanatory.

The interface is simple and easy to use. There are a few ways in which it integrates different types of software. For example, firstly to begin on, connect the TronLink wallet. Once that is connected and funded, you do not need to register an account with TRONbet – you can bet directly from your wallet.

This is a great feature, as it means the casino does not hold your funds; they are safe in your wallet, to withdraw if you desire.

High rollers AT TRONBET.IO

There are a lot of users online who have been able to successfully win a lot of money at TRONbet. already has a separate category for some of the more important and richer individuals which are known to play the game well.

The creator of TRONbet was quoted as explaining the success of in such a short time is because they focused heavily on the user experience. He stated that they kept the customers and their outlook on the company and platform as a priority. They gave them a series of games to play with which were supposed to be extremely fun, easy to play, fast, easy and large amounts of player liquidity and no fees hidden or otherwise.

According to several individuals monitoring the market, a number of users have been wagering large amounts of money that have given this platform some of the highest trading volumes around, with around 98 million dollars being waged by the largest single user.

Along with that, collectively the top 20 users on have already bet more than $455 million. Using these figures, by some estimates is set to make an annual profit of around $36 million.

Make money on TRONbet

Fortunately, these profits will be shared by users via a neat profit-sharing mechanism which utilizes a dedicated token, ANTE.

For every bet that users make, they earn a dedicated token known as ANTE. ANTE can also be purchased directly from exchanges such as

Ownership of ANTE is similar to ownership of a stake in the casino itself. This entitles the individual to a share in the daily profits of TRONbet itself. These profits can amount to several million TRX. ANTE is proving a popular investment for those who want to benefit from the lucrative gambling industry.

Behind the scenes AT TRONBET

According to a whitepaper review that was conducted, its management team comprises some of the most talented blockchain developers working within the TRON community.

They have also had a lot of experience in the development of games and publishing and marketing of platforms. It was created with the aim that there needed to be a world-class TRON-based casino platform where players from around the world could play. The platform aims to incorporate quality gaming but at the same time transparency and fairness, which are concepts that the blockchain industry stands for.

Another attractive factor about this platform for several individuals is the TRON blockchain itself, which offers high performance and scalability potential. This technology used by TRONbet has been taking the concept of decentralization of blockchain gaming to a whole new level.

This technological advancement has emphasized the highest transaction per second, and which is 2,000 in this case and this has been able to provide the user with good speeds and fair games. Along with that, the player versus payer gameplay experience enjoys zero latency and no lag.

Who can play on TRONbet?

According to the TRONbet website, users of TRONbet must be at least 21 years old. It also adds that players in regions or territories where gambling is illegal should not use TRONbet.

Why is TRONbet so popular?

TRONbet recently passed the 1 billion TRX volume mark, showing just how popular the platform has become in a very short space of time. It is currently one of the most popular TRON gambling sites, with only a handful of rivals, including TronDice, getting close to it.

When you compare the number of daily users that each has, then TronDice currently edges it, though that margin is small; TronDice has 2,211 users with TRONbet having 2,195. However, their respective volumes of trading over a period of 24 hours shows a different story. TronDice holds a volume of only around 10.7 million TRX, while TRONbet reports a volume of 993 million TRX.

The most attractive thing to most TRONbet users so far has been been its dice game, which has fair odds (an extremely low house edge). This gives anyone a chance to make their TRX fortune playing the game.

There is also a large amount of fanfare and hype which has helped the rapid growth of TRONbet. As players jumped aboard the hype train, they were pleased to see that the games met expectations. With a really quality customer experience, TRONbet would not have grown as quickly as it has done.

  • Range of games 90% 90%
  • User experience 96% 96%
  • Support and trustworthiness 91% 91%
  • Bonuses 70% 70%
  • Currencies and languages 90% 90%




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