TRONbet’s ANTE token is the most valuable gambling-focused cryptocurrency in the world, according to new research from

Using data from CoinMarketCap and, TRONbet’s ANTE token topped the list, trading at a market cap of approximately 2.8 billion TRX, or $69.7m.

This puts it ahead of non-TRON gambling tokens including FunFair’s FUN token, which currently trades at roughly half the market cap of ANTE.

ANTE entitles holders to a proportional share of profits from the successful TRON-based casino TRONbet, which explains it strong performance.

Other TRON-based tokens operating similar models are also trading at impressive market caps, according to data from

TRONAce’s ACE token is currently valued at a total market cap of around $9m, followed by 888TRON’s 888 token, which is worth $8.2m.

These are followed by TronWOW’s WOW token ($1.2m) and Play GOC’s PLAY token ($700,000).

Other tokens from leading TRON casinos such as Tronext have yet to commence trading.

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