With TRON gambling DApps more popular than ever, new casinos are launching all the time. One of the most exciting of these is TronUp.io.

TRON UP is a newly launched TRON-based decentralised casino that clearly has plans to become one of the largest in the world.

Could TRON UP be a TRONbet killer?

Games at TRON UP

It is early days at TRON UP, with the platform launching with a headline slots games and a couple of other titles.

The slots game is, fortunately, one of the best we’ve seen on any TRON casino.

It differs from traditional slot games with their spinning reels. Instead, you are presented with a colourful rectangle of classic slot symbols (cherries, bells, watermelons), and each ‘spin’ sees a flashing light rotate around until landing on one random choice.

The fun bit is choosing your bet. You can pick which symbols you want to bet upon, and how many times you want to bet on each one. Combined with your stake, there are countless possibilities.

What is great is that whatever combinations you choose, you are told you chances of winning. You can bet up to 5,000 TRX per spin as well, so there is plenty of high stakes action to be had.

Auction and Jackpot games at TRON UP

TRON UP also offers another couple of interesting games.

Its Auction game is particularly intriguing, and is a great way to use the UP tokens you’ve mined while playing slots. Here’s how it works.

A player can place a bid in UP to win an ever-increasing auction pool of TRX, and each time the price is increased by one UP token. If the player’s bid fails to win, five percent of the bid is burned.

If no one bids for five minutes, the last person to have placed a bid win the whole auction pool.

Then the process begins again.

The psychology behind the game is interesting. It is possible to win a big prize pool with a tiny bid, but of course if someone else bids within the next five minutes, you’ve lost.

Jackpot works similarly to Auction, except five percent of the profit from the whole TRON UP platform goes into the pool. Each TRX bet adds 30 seconds to the TRX countdown timer, while each bet in UP adds 60 seconds to the UP countdown timer.

If you are the person to have placed the last bid when the timer reaches zero, you win!

There is also an ongoing leaderboard for all games. The TRON UP platform puts five percent of the game’s revenue into the leaderboard prize pool to reward the five users who bet most in a certain period of time.

Leaderboard rewards are paid every six hours, and the top five users take 35%, 30%, 20%, 10% and 5% of the leaderboard prize pool respectively.

There are already plans to launch some fantastic new titles on TRON UP.

These include Poker, Moon and Dice games.

TronUp.io’s UP token

As with most decentralised TRON casinos, TRON UP has its own token, called UP.

UP is an interesting token in many ways, as it has more uses than many of the other tokens on TRON casinos.

Of course, UP tokens can be frozen to earn a share of dividends from the TRON UP casino.

But the tokens can also be used to bet on slot games on the platform, join the jackpot dividend pool competition by betting UP, used to participate in TRON UP’s auction game, and traded on decentralized exchanges.

That’s right. UP is already live and trading on TronTrade.

So, how do you earn UP tokens at TRON UP?

The great thing about TRON UP is that you are earning a great bonus while you play: UP tokens.

The total supply of UP tokens is 1,000,000,000 (one billion). They are earned by playing games on the TRON UP platform, although the model is slightly different to other TRON casinos.

To solve the age-old problem of mining revenue decreasing when the token price decreases on exchanges, TronUp.io has linked mining efficiency to the price of UP on exchanges. Genius!

So, the formula is as follows: Bet amount multiplied by platform superiority (that’s the house edge, 3 percent) divided by the average price of UP over the past six hours.

If you are thinking about investing in UP, we recommend visiting the TronUp.io website as it is packed with information about exactly how the model works.

How does the TRON UP platform work?

TRON UP is a provably fair casino based on the TRON blockchain.

The team behind TRON UP has designed an interesting token economy based on the UP token.

There is three percent commission from each bet, and the game is based on an absolutely fair natural probability model.

Half of all profits from the platform are sent to a dividend pool for those with UP tokens frozen to share. A further 10 percent goes to the Auction pool, with 5 percent each to Jackpot, Leaderboard and Buyback. That leaves 25 percent for the team behind the project.

TRON UP is committed to fairness. All random number results of games on the TRON UP are generated through smart contracts on the TRON, and this ensures the fairness of TRON UP.

Players can enter their custom seed, and when the player launches the game, the smart contract will generate a random SHA-256 HASH.

The timestamp of the current bet and the UUID will be mixed to generate a random hash. Then the SEED generated on the smart contract and the SEED provided by the player will be mixed to generate a random number.

  • Range of games 90% 90%
  • User experience 88% 88%
  • Support and trustworthiness 92% 92%
  • Bonuses 92% 92%
  • Currencies and languages 86% 86%




TRON UP is an exciting new TRON casino that could challenge TRONbet for the number one spot. We love its slots game, and the token economics behind UP could turn it into the favoured casino dividend token among investors.


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