TRON gambling revolution continues apace

Founded in 2017 via a major ICO raising $70m, the TRON Foundation has been turning heads from the very beginning. Much of the hype the then ERC-20 protocol generated wasn’t always positive, but it was hype, nonetheless.

TRON and its TRX token, as of 2018, reside on a proprietary decentralised network, as opposed to leaning on Ethereum’s technology, and it was this switch that made it what it is today.

The aforementioned hype has continued, and this has been welcomed across the board by its founder Justin Sun. Self-promotion is how Sun has built his name, as well as that of his TRON network. Not one to shy away from a media opportunity in order to extoll the virtues and benefits of his blockchain, Justin Sun is certainly one that wants you to believe the hype.

We’ve seen so many self-aggrandising projects fall down and blockchain ‘personalities’ exposed as not much more than hot air in our time. It’s a tactic that has been increasingly found out as the industry matures. White papers must be backed up, management teams must be legitimate, and products must be seen in their live environment, sooner than later.


That’s perhaps why the TRON bulldozer has done so well since inception. It’s not been afraid to move fast, to adapt quickly and to shout about it wherever it can. And one of the areas where it has done this most? Crypto gambling, of course.

As a blockchain, TRON is primed for a quality gaming experience. To unite the security and trust that you might find with Ethereum, with the fanatical community of bitcoin, is to make a combustible crypto combination. Add speed – an area where many blockchains fall down – to the mix, and you’re onto a winner.

TRON has leveraged its speed and trust to deliver some of the best crypto casino experiences around, both on its own dapps, but also reaching out to integrate with some of the biggest crypto casinos around.


According to figures at DappRadar, there are now at least 219 TRON-based gambling dapps, ranging from those which offer individual games, to fully-fledged casino brands covering multiple verticals. The volume that these dapps turnover is equally impressive. Over the last seven days, just the top five TRON gambling dapps have turned over almost $20m between them with thousands of active players.

Sure, these might not compete with numbers in the traditional gambling space, but fiat casinos better watch out because TRON gambling revenue is rising at a rapid rate, and it’s coming for their increasingly undecided player base.

The likes of are a prime example of what a next-gen casino can look and play like. As with the trend of crypto casino user interfaces, WINk is stripped back, putting the focus on the games and social experience. The modern crypto gambler prefers simplicity and speed over the many frills approach aligned with the land-based world of grandeur.

WINk, like many casinos on the TRON blockchain, offers its own TRC-20 gambling token, WIN, which serves both a staking and mining purpose. And it’s the latter which sets itself apart once more from other decentralised casinos. Crypto gambling social channels are alight with brags about major WIN staking rewards, with some receiving hundreds of dollars a week for just locking their tokens up.

On the games front, to put it simply, TRON casinos deliver. Whether you’re looking for provably fair crypto classics, like dice and crash games, or big-name slots from globally regarded games developers, you’re not going to struggle.


TRON and its casino brands have been proactive in servicing both tech-savvy players who would run through hoops to gamble at a blockchain casino, as well as those that it wants to entice from the cash-based realm. And it’s done this with user-friendly banking tools such as TronLink., one of the leading lights of the crypto gambling sector, has embraced TRON and its TronLink extension, realising the value of its burgeoning player base. The casino, originally focused on bitcoin, has spread its wings to service pretty much every segment of crypto gambler out there, including the TRX army.

The operator’s director of casino has talked of offering “players both security and speed with deposits and withdrawals”, and these two pillars seem to be what’s building TRON’s momentum in the casino space.


Fortunately for TRON fans, and perhaps ominous for casinos and blockchains that don’t keep up, the network has ambitious growth plans on the horizon. Indeed, it’s recently announced the imminent launch of TRON 4.0 in July 2020.

This, the Foundation states, will reduce block confirmation times to a mere three seconds, thus improving its security. It will also allow for cross-chain protocols, DeFi solutions and an integrated privacy protocol.

What does this mean for TRON gambling? Well, it’s going to be fairer and faster for one. This should quieten down those who doubt the chain’s immutable claims. And it’s only going to grow adoption through a more varied number of viable use cases across various industries.

Add to this the recent listing of TRON dapps on the Samsung Galaxy Store, and it’s clear that Justin Sun and his ambitions for TRON domination are onto something. Big brands, not just crypto gamblers, are taking the network and its community seriously.

The TRON revolution continues apace and decentralised gambling is reaping the benefits of it. So many casino projects have claimed to take blockchain gaming to the masses, but adoption hasn’t reached the dizzy heights that some have foreseen. Could TRON and Justin Sun’s marketing juggernaut be the ones to deliver it?

Maybe. We’ll be watching and waiting. And when we say waiting, we mean gambling. Most likely with TRON. Probably at WINk, Bitcasino or another one of the TRX casinos shaping the future of decentralised casino gaming.

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Written by Tudor

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