The top five TRON-based gambling tokens have a combined market cap of $100m, despite a downturn in the wider crypto market.

According to data from, the top five dividend paying TRON gambling tokens are now valued at a combined $100m, an incredible achievement given this week’s wider downturn which has hit TRX, BTC and most other coins.

Leading the way is TRONbet’s ANTE token, which has a market cap of $78.4m. TRONbet continues to lead the way when it comes to TRON-based gambling DApps, with an impressive 4,000 daily users.

Next is 888TRON, with the $888 token boasting a market cap of $9.7m. Rounding out the list are Tronext ($6.5m), TronACE ($3.7m) and TronVegas’ VCOIN ($1.5m).

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