Trainwrecks boasts $360m to promote gambling

The controversial streamer dropped some interesting nuggets of info about his total earnings.

Trainwrecks, a popular Twitch streamer who promoted gambling to his viewers, claimed to have earned $360m from gambling over the past year and a half.

Trainwrecks is one of the many streamers who had to fold their gambling streams after Twitch passed new rules prohibiting the promotion of unregulated gambling websites.

Trainwrecks was playing at at the time and was watched mostly in the US. However, is not legal in the US, and players from the country cannot legally play on the website nor can legally target US-based players.

Trainwrecks has not been very happy about the suspension of gambling streams.

He called the platform “corrupt” and even argued in another stream that he would be building his own platform – one that is friendlier to “people’s hobbies”.

Trainwrecks commentary was characteristic of the insults that punctuate his speeches on Twitch. He went on to bash fellow streamers and once again, Twitch.

“I could buy Hasan, Pokie, and Ludwig all together and sell them and buy them again – f—ing pussies”, Trainwrecks finished with a colorful flourish.

Trainwrecks said that he had not kept all the spoils for himself but had given back more than $70m to his followers and community members.

The streamer often said that he ended up being in “the red”, and that he was running a huge debt pile.

This seems to not have been the case or to have been exaggerated by him, given his most recent boisterous claims that he had walked away with $360m.

Trainwrecks did not specify whether he meant the total amount he has gambled through, leaving the impression that this was the amount that he ended up being paid.

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