This week's biggest success story comes from WINk's WIN token, which has bounced 4.5% to a market capitalisation of almost $25m as of yesterday. The TRON-based operator has seen a turbulent month, which has also led to it falling from the top spot on our gambling token ladder. However, recent days have offered more confidence from the team, and with dividend payouts still generous and TRON blockchain improvements to come, we can expect the operator to fight for the crown with the likes of CasinoCoin and FunFair once again.

FunFair Technologies has this week consolidated the top spot on our ladder with comparative gains over CasinoCoin in second spot. With a market cap of well over $27m, the supplier to leading blockchain casinos, like CasinoFair, should be in a positive mood with likely runway gains from this week's spike in BTC and ETH prices. Its community also took to its new rock-paper-scissors arcade fighter Legend of the Ninja title well, and you can read a full review of what we thought of this pioneering game here.

Elsewhere on our rankings, there were minor losses for the majority of tokens, but our two lower capped projects, Edgeless and BetterBetting, both saw impressive market cap boosts in terms of percentage. No-edge Ethereum casino Edgeless saw an 11% bump to stay on the good side of a seven-figure valuation, while the BETR token went further with a 20.8% price rise.

It's often hard to tell the signal from the noise when it comes to gambling altcoin's trading relationship with the bigger cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ether. ETH has been the biggest success of late, with its price spiking over the fabled $400 mark on the 2nd August, while bitcoin has stuck above its $11,000 barrier, with traders now hoping this is a new normal and that the world's most popular cryptocurrency won't fall away once more.

The price hikes in the major coins may have seen a translation to activity on well-respected multi-crypto casinos, such as or FortuneJack, with both accepting BTC, ETH and many more tokens as gambling options. In terms of our gambling altcoin's future, when trading hype falls away around the recent spikes elsewhere, we may expect to see a diversification of funds from various trading profits, which could channel into the likes of the FunFair and CasinoCoin projects.


  • FunFair (FUN)
    • Market Cap: $27,309,770
    • 7-day change: -0.5%
  • CasinoCoin (CSC)
    • Market Cap: $26,096,431
    • 7-day change: -5.4%
  • WINk (WIN)
    • Market Cap: $24,547,734
    • 7-day change: +4.5%
  • Wagerr (WGR)
    • Market Cap: $6,700,535
    • 7-day change: -6.4%
  • TrueFlip (TFL)
    • Market Cap: $2,714,025
    • 7-day change: -1.2%
  • BetProtocol (BEPRO)
    • Market Cap: $1,523,365
    • 7-day change: -2.3%
  • Edgeless (EDG)
    • Market Cap: $1,155,237
    • 7-day change: +11%
  • BetterBetting (BETR)
    • Market Cap: $199,638
    • 7-day change: +20.8%

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Written by Tudor

Works as a developer and helps keeps the digital cogs turning. Leave them alone, they're busy.

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