Of particular interest this week are the two tokens BETR and EDG. Despite having smaller market caps than some gaming projects, both Edgeless and BETR have performed well over the last seven days. EDG, the ERC-20 token offering zero-edge casino gaming, has jumped over a quarter, while BETR has seen a 12.8% rise. Perhaps with sports betting returning to some more normality, we're beginning to see a resurgence in the crypto sports betting sector. This would track with Wagerr (WGR) cap rises of late, with it seeing a negligible, but positive rise to almost a $6m valuation.

Towards the top end of our rankings, WINk seems to have settled around the $24m market cap since it boosted its token circulation. Its May update also provided additional clarity over its upcoming TRON betting and staking plans, while the casino is also expected to boost security measures in forthcoming platform roll outs.

FunFair Technologies and its FUN token continue on their own positive climb, rising to within almost a million of WINk in the last week on the back of a 6.7% cap increase. Although very different projects, both have gone about consistent, well-managed product development in the past year. FunFair's network continues to acquire new players at an increasing rate, and its casinos, including CasinoFair, continue to reap the rewards of Guaranteed Fair blockchain gambling.

Our other major market cap token CSC, by CasinoCoin, also performed well. A steady 2.3% rise has continued its recent momentum, and with more news and partners likely to come about in the coming months as businesses return to a semblance of regularity, CSC could continue its upward trajectory.

  • WINk (WIN)
    • Market Cap: $24,135,067
    • 7-day change: -1.7%
  • FunFair (FUN)
    • Market Cap: $23,003,442
    • 7-day change: +6.7%
  • CasinoCoin (CSC)
    • Market Cap: $22,701,476
    • 7-day change: +2.3%
  • Wagerr (WGR)
    • Market Cap: $5,935,155
    • 7-day change: +2.7%
  • TrueFlip (TFL)
    • Market Cap: $3,229,909
    • 7-day change: -3.3%
  • BetProtocol (BEPRO)
    • Market Cap: $1,809,208
    • 7-day change: -13.5%
  • Edgeless (EDG)
    • Market Cap: $888,370
    • 7-day change: +27.7%
  • BetterBetting (BETR)
    • Market Cap: $190,022
    • 7-day change: +12.8%


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Written by Tudor

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