Tornado Cash wants US government lawsuit dismissed

The cryptocurrency mixer has hit back against allegations that it facilitates crime and wants to throw out a lawsuit leveled against it by the US government

Tornado Cash is targeted by a lawsuit at the behest of the US Department of Justice which has charged the company’s founders, Roman Storm, and Roman Semenov, with aiding North Korean hackers by helping them obfuscate the source of ill-gotten funds through the service.

Tornado Cash whose official mission statement is to help consumers achieve better privacy in the crypto world has also been used by notorious criminal organizations such as the Lazarus hacking group tied to North Korean intelligence services and the perpetrator of multiple crimes against US and Western companies.

In a new court filing, lawyers for Storm argue that Tornado Cash was not developed to incentivize or facilitate crime, but rather provide financial privacy for legitimate cryptocurrency users, outlining the lawsuit against the service as bogus and “fatally flawed.”

The indictment itself is contradictory, the lawyer says, as it both alleges knowing participation on behalf of the founders, but also denies it in a sense.

“Indeed, the Indictment itself makes clear he could not have had such an agreement or such an intent because the Tornado Cash protocol was developed and became immutable before the alleged criminal conduct that is at the center of the money laundering count even occurred,” the statement by Storm’s legal representative reads in detail.

However, Attorney General Merrick Garland has said that the case against Tornado Cash should serve as a warning to anyone who has pondered or participated in illegal activity of the sort. The lawsuit alleges a $1 billion scheme on the part of the founders and Tornado Cash. Storm was even arrested temporarily and released on bail.

Garland warned that it would not matter how sophisticated a scheme is, with the Department of Justice now having the means to address such crime and contravene it when and where necessary. “The Department will find you and hold you accountable for your crimes,” Garland warned stiffly.

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