Crypto gambling coins remain a high risk, high reward investment. But most of the leading coins were impressive gainers in February, and in many cases, enter March in their strongest position for several months.

Here are the current top five by market cap (prices correct as on 4th March, 2019):

  1. FunFair ($22.5m)

FunFair (FUN) has enjoyed gains over the past month, but it has been a turbulent journey. The coin is currently within the $20m – $25m range for market cap, and will be hoping the announcement of its white-label product at ICE will boost that price soon.

  1. Edgeless ($15.8m)

Edgeless (EDG) was one February’s strongest performers, adding around 50 percent to its price for a month-high of $18.6m. It continues to report impressive wagering volumes which appear to be behind the gains.

  1. Wagerr ($15.2m)

Like Edgeless, Wagerr (WGR) is enjoying a price rise on the back of the performance of a product that is now live. Another strong performer in February, adding around 25 percent to its market cap. The coin has been on a steady upward trend throughout 2019.

  1. CasinoCoin ($7.9m)

The crypto gambling coin with arguable the highest potential, CasinoCoin (CSC) was up around 30 percent in February. A new listing on Exrates is already helping trading volume considerably.

  1. DECENT.Bet ($6.2m)

After hitting a low of $2m in December, DECENT.Bet (DBET) has steadily climbed above the $6m market cap bar, rewarding those who bought the low with a 200 percent return.

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