Top 5 Best DeFi Crypto Casinos in 2024

Here's a guide to our top 5 DeFi crypto gambling platforms for newcomers and experienced players.

This page features 5 of the best decentralised crypto casinos in web3. For those interested in getting to grips with web3 gambling and those who are new to the industry, our top 5 list can act as a useful guide.


Rollbit is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency casino and sports betting platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

Due to Rollbit’s decentralized nature as a web3 platform, the application comes with unique web3 features that other gambling sites don’t have.

On Rollbit users can buy cryptocurrencies and make leveraged trades or use NFTs as collateral by loaning them to the Rollbit platform.

The site promotes regular bonuses and conducts a Rollbit lottery where users who hold Rolllbit’s native RLB token can wager their tokens for a chance at winning from the lottery pool.

Rollbit takes the number one spot due to hosting over 1000 decentralized gambling games with an attractive reward system, web3 features, and more.


Solcasino is a leading Solana-based cryptocurrency casino where users can make decentralized wagers and play casino games all from their web3 wallet.

The platform boasts a wide range of slots and casino games including live blackjack, poker, and sports betting.

Solcasino is also known for its SCS cryptocurrency token and Solbears NFT collection. Users who hold SCS tokens and an NFT can stake them on the Solcaisno platform to earn a share of the application’s revenue.

Features including the Solcasino lottery, lootboxes, and weekly events make Solcasino an exciting platform for DeFi users.


Justbet is a decentralized casino where all of the platform’s games and wagers take place fully on-chain using on-chain games.

Justbet invites players to be the house by taking greater involvement in the Justbet ecosystem which is fully decentralized.

Token rewards from wagers on Justbet allow users to earn daily revenue shares which can be staked on the Justbet application.

Users are able to make bets and play gambling games all through their web3 wallets meaning there is no need to create an account or do KYC to prove their identity.


BetFury is a decentralized casino and sports betting platform where users can make wagers on popular sporting events such as the NBA and NHL alongside gaming events such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike tournaments.

NFT loot boxes and a cryptocurrency trading futures feature are also available on the platform. With NFT lootboxes betters could win a top NFT token from a popular NFT collection by wager a little as $1.00.

The platform includes daily tasks for extra rewards, a refer and earn scheme including a streamlined ranking system, and staking for Betfury’s BFG token and other cryptocurrencies for users to earn yield on their tokens.

Blockchain Bets

Blockchain Bets is a cryptocurrency casino and betting platform that aims to change web3 crypto gambling.

Partnered with Alex Becker, a crypto YouTuber and head of the DeFi collective, Neo Tokyo, Blockchain Bets wants to give back more to betters.

The platform is home to Blockchain Bet's original games, sports betting options, and thousands of slots.

Those who hold Blockchain Bet’s native BCB token can stake the token on the platform to earn a share of the platform's revenue.

The platform aims to become a leading non-KYC gambling platform with its 2024 roadmap filled to the brim with upcoming features.

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Written by Alex Buckley

Alex is an editor at who focuses on cryptocurrency and web3 gambling.

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