Tommy Mustache talks WINk with Justin Sun

Following several missed deadlines, WINk had been forced to part ways with the company's CEO Julia. A new CEO, Lucia Wong, has been called in on the job. Now, the community expects results.

Tommy has summed up the WINK 2020 Roadmap in a tweet, tagging Sun and asking him to take the project to the next level. Tommy also added that he and the community would expect to see at least 80% of the goals on the roadmap met in full before the year is out.

Sun acknowledged that some improvements should be enacted, specifically improving customer support as a top priority, along with completion of the goals from the roadmap.

The exchange mostly stopped there, with other Twitter users pitching in to bring up various questions which mostly went unanswered.

Seeing an exchange between Sun and Tommy was reassuring for the future of the project, one user said. Whether this holds out to be true remains to be seen before 2020 is out. While the project has missed a few milestones, WINk has recently released a touched-up website.

WINk has also been banking on both security and mining with both being success stories in the recent company's history.

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Written by Tudor

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