The Ledger: Secret Service bust crypto fraud, Cherie DeVille takes on crypto

Ireland proposed to suspend political donations in cryptocurrency, adding more accountability for who was donating and under what pretext.

Meanwhile, carmakers had to rejuggle their own crypto policies, with EuroSports and Porsche confirming that both companies would start accepting various cryptocurrency payments for their luxury cars.

Tesla, another carmaker which made waves in early 2021 by dropping $1.5bn on crypto, seems to have pumped the breaks on crypto investment.

The US has moved to encircle the Russian economy with a new package of sanctions, including against individual cryptocurrency companies. Bitriver, a popular Russian mining company, was hit with financial sanctions by the Office of Foreign Asset Control.

There has been bad news for the crypto community as well, including the news that Beanstalk, a stablecoin protocol, suffered $18m hack due to faulty coding. Releasing projects in a rush leaves many vulnerabilities as numerous crypto projects have discovered of late.

Illegal operations across the world in crypto have made it possible for the US Secret Service to catch as much as $102m worth of hot crypto. While the agency is not traditionally known for hunting down crypto fraudsters, or their funds, it has become the latest to reinforce the country’s efforts in dismantling crypto fraud.

The US has been urged to make sure that it keeps up to date with crypto regulation and not allow other jurisdictions outstrip it.

Meanwhile, there has been no lack of criticism against cryptocurrencies. For one, the International Monetary Fund called on governments and consumers not to confuse crypto for real money.

On Monday, Cherie DeVille, an American porn star, released a video in which she performed sexual intercourse with a man who had foregone the wisdom of conventional investment options to explore alternative investment routes such as NFTs and cryptocurrency. DeVille, playing a savvy accountant, “convinces” the man to go back to serious investment instead.

Australians were keen to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021, but fewer than six people turned an actual profit, a new survey indicated. While Australians are still navigating the industry, there are other places in the world that are supposedly better-tailored to the needs of consumers when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. One such is Germany, according to a study.

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