The Ledger: OddsGecko Is Live, NFT Influencer Gets Hacked

This was an important week for cryptocurrency sports bettors who now have OddsGecko to make sure that they can compare odds from four (and counting) sportsbooks.

The new service launched this week and allows consumers to quickly compare betting odds from a number of crypto-friendly sportsbooks.

Meanwhile, more traditional banks are turning to crypto. BNP Paribas has confirmed a partnership with Metaco, saying that it will now explore crypto custody as a service.BNP

The French bank follows in the footsteps of rivals such as Societe General and Citigroup.

News continues to roll in the Celsius Network bankruptcy saga. In a recent interview, one of its former compliance bosses, Timothy Cradle, spoke about the company’s questionable practices and lack of proper risk management.

But risks in the crypto world are everywhere, and you will have to live with them, warns the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The agency said that there are several rogue apps that make it hard for consumers to safeguard their funds. In fact, some of these apps are only there to steal people’s funds, the FBI said in its latest warning.

Meanwhile, the debacle of several high-profile crypto lenders has prompted many to turn a gaze in Singapore.

Even though the city-state never endorsed any of the bankrupted cryptocurrency lenders, Singapore has taken some of the criticism coming its way and promised to take a much deeper look at itself and introduce new regulation if necessary.

Meanwhile, a Twitter influencer by the handle of Zeneca became the latest victim of a phishing scam. As a result, the influencer’s accounts were hacked and they ended up leading to a fake airdrop.

Meanwhile, Coinbase managed to secure a license in Italy. This empowers the cryptocurrency exchange to start servicing people in the country and potentially could lead to further expansion across the continent.

Regulators have also been on the lookout this week, hoping to achieve better overall results in ensuring the safety of crypto use. That is why the UK Financial Conduct Authority has sought to collaborate more actively with the US on all things cryptocurrency.

Germany was dubbed one of the most friendly crypto nations according to a Coincub survey, and the Reserve Bank of India decided that it will seek a harsher stance on cryptocurrencies. This has been the week of crypto.

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