The Ledger: Happy New Year!

The US Federal Reserve released an updated framework on inflation numbers and suggested that an interest rate hike may be coming in Q2 2022. Understandably, this sent the value of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies down.

Meanwhile, investors such as Ray Dalio and Thomas Peterffy have both come forward with some interesting insight into what part of your portfolio should be allocated to crypto. Dalio seems to suggest that 1%-2% is ideal, but Peterffy is a little more bullish, arguing that 2%-3% is better.

As people are looking to offer advise on what you should do with your crypto, the Mozilla Foundation came in for criticism over its decision to publicize crypto donations.

While the feature has been around since 2014, its latest tweet from a week ago made Mozilla the focal point of criticism, including from its co-founder Jamie Zawinski who did not hold back in lambasting the company, arguing that it was precipitating a disaster on a global scale.

As the world of crypto is never slowing down, it seems that the global hashrate has recovered to the point where it set new records at 68 EH/s this week. This means that the Chinese crack down on crypto mining has been a good thing more or less, prompting companies to look elsewhere and find even better options.

Speaking of crypto mining, NASDAQ-listed company Canaan has deployed 10,000 units of its crypto mining hardware to Kazakhstan. And, as all of this has been happening, one man thought that an NFT present is a good idea. Well, it turns out that it cost him his relationship.

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