The Ledger: CFTC goes after Binance, Nasdaq reveals crypto custody platform plans

Nasdaq to launch crypto custody platform, Roobet delivers first Snoop Dogg-produced game, and Matt Damon talks

Binance been assailed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which has called out the exchange on “willful evasion of US law”, accusing it of breaking numerous US financial laws.

The regulator is hoping to bring a solid case against Binance in its pursuit of justice. Binance’s boss, Changpeng Zhao, is among those named as having played a key role in assisting the company with its breaches.

Binance reiterated its commitment to regulatory norms in a statement, but expressed disappointment, pointing out that it had collaborated with the CFTC for the two years prior to the lawsuit.

In another news, Aiden Pleterski, the self-styled “crypto king”, was kidnapped and tortured after news surfaced that he had scammed investors and spent the money on a luxurious lifestyle.

Unknown individuals kidnapped the man for three days according to his father, after investors claimed they lost £13m ($16m). Pleterski was released after three days in captivity.

The Nadaq has announced that it is preparing to launch a crypto custody platform in September 2023.

This will be a strong step towards the digital assets industry by one of the leading stock exchanges in the world, signaling greater confidence and reflecting mounting interest in the sector. The new digital product will be spearheaded by senior vice president Ira Auerbach, who is former global head of Gemini Prime.

Triple-A developers are keen to get their hands on blockchain and web3 gaming technology, but they are also cautious of potential legal fallout. This is why many companies are now waiting for blockchain and web3 technology to be better defined in regulation before mass adoption in the video gaming industry may begin.

Roobet has revealed its newest game and the first that has been “snoopified” with the help of Snoop Dogg, the company’s “chief ganjaroo officer” appointed earlier this year.

Hotbox is a blockchain and NFT-powered game that was produced with the help of the famous rapper and investor. In an official release, Roobet explained that Snoop Dogg oversaw the process, offered input, and produced many of the sound bites for the title.

Telegram is continuing to expand its range of cryptocurrencies, having added Tether as its third supported crypto offering. As a result, consumers may buy, swap and make peer-to-peer trades with Tether USDT.

Meanwhile, Venezuela has called on law enforcements to begin cracking down on illegal crypto operations. A scheme that involved crypto regulators and a clandestine operation within the state petrol giant was finally busted by police.

Hollywood actor Matt Damon offered his insight into why he had appeared on’s popular and often ridiculed ad “Fortune favors the brave”.

Damon said that had agreed to donate to his charity,, but did not disclose – at the time – the fact that he was also being paid to endorse the ad.

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