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There is no denying that when TRONbet proceeded with its rebranding in July 2019, few would have expected that would achieve the level of success it has. Yet, half a year over what originally seemed a hurried move, the platform is very much alive and thriving. Today, we will talk about the five best games that you can find today.

In the past year, the gaming platform has expanded significantly. The offer today features some true heavy-hitters, including a Live Casino sub-platform and their RAKE version of poker, but not least of all – quite a few slots.

Table games seem to be another strong area of interest where has decided to go all in – and it has paid off. But the platform is not quite easy to let up just yet, and you definitely should visit the one and only slot selection which features some of the finest games there are, now fully available on Let’s have a look at what we consider the top gaming picks for you.

Starburst by NetEnt

We are perhaps zapping you back in time here, but NetEnt’s space tale just never gets old. The game comes with a fantastic feature that boosts potential payout simply known as Expanding Wilds.
Not least, you can notch up ten free spins to help you advance further out in space and perhaps even collect more profit. With a base payout of 96.09% Starburst perhaps has now found quite a few competitors out there, but the game remains as rewarding as ever.

The flexible staking system allows budget players and high rollers to enjoy and derive satisfaction from the title. Starburst also has a 22.65% frequency rate that puts it in the mid volatility range, or one payout every five spins.

Another upside the game has to offer is the fairly big upper stake. In theory, players can bet the equivalent of 5000 coins on a single line. All in all, Starburst is one of the must play picks here.

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Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming just hit ICE 2020 with over two dozen new games and while the world’s best-known live gaming developer is on the move, has hurried to acquire a handful of great titles that help it complete its own portfolio.

With this said, Monopoly Live lies outside the traditional casino experience and it’s definitely worth your while. The game feels and plays as a TV show, which definitely adds to the excitement of the game.
Players will simply bet on the number they feel the wheel will stop at, whether that is 1, 2, 5, 10, or perhaps ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’. The game also entertains players to a very clever 3D MONOPOLY round where you will get to play the traditional tabletop game with a few unique spins of its own.

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Duel is an interesting concept that has borrowed from the traditional premise sports betting exchanges use. Instead of just offering games that enable you to test your chances against the casino, has decided to let you square it out against fellow players.

In essence, Duel is a Player versus Player game where the minimum bet will range from anything between 50 TRX to 500 TRX. You need to choose a side and see if that outcome turns out as predicted.
If yes, you collect the pot, and if not – you lose it. Interestingly enough, you can also adjust the number of people you will be duelling. This number could vary between two and four players and the maximum stake can reach 20000 TRX.

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To date, RAKE is one of the most innovative Texas Hold’em options you have when looking to play TRX poker. There are dozens of tables available and you don’t necessarily need to play – observing could be enough.

Yet, the game itself is very accommodating and it would be rather easy to get going. The HUD looks beautiful and allows you to play at several tables at once. Tables seem to be rather busy as well with people using the chat function to greet each other and, on occasion, vent their frustration.

Graphics are neat, but far more importantly, the functionality of RAKE allows you to offset the 5% rake charges. So, the way this goes is that every stake will fetch you a reward, and winning the pot itself will grant you a bonus RAKE, apart from a mining grant.

All in all, WINk has done a good job of balancing its offer and offering players something to look forward to and enjoy when signing up to play poker.

*** Don’t give off a tell when playing TRX poker ***

Immortal Romance

While has made a few innovative twists towards arguably better and fresher forms of entertainment, some classics become an indelible part of the casino experience. And so, when looking for the best games on this website, Immortal Romance, Microgaming’s timeless slot game should definitely catch your eye.

Immortal Romance comes with quite a few noteworthy features, each of which will make you happy you have chosen the game in the first place. The graphics are extremely well supplemented by a deep story-telling that helps you immerse yourself in a world populated by the undead.

But far more importantly, you will get your chance to access quite the array of unique features. While you can use any currency here, the highlight of the experience will be the different character roles you can assume.

You can be either Amber or Troy, Michael or Sarah. Each of them will come with their own unique twists – mostly multipliers and free spins. Yet, Sarah will drop a few cool symbols on the reels for extra profits – under special conditions, of course.

If you dwell too long on the paytable descriptions, though, you might quickly feel overwhelmed. Therefore, our advice is to just start playing. The game itself is very easy to follow and you will get the features down to a T without much trouble.

With 96.86% this is one of the best games to date, even though it was released back in 2011. A true classic by now and no doubt.

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