The best blockchain, bitcoin and crypto poker sites (2020)

In search of the top crypto poker sites, players always make sure to check every last option. There is no need for that now as our team has hand-picked those brands that stand out. We bring you some of the top cardrooms on the internet that have adopted blockchain.

But why are they what we consider the best to begin with? Well, there are numerous reasons. For starters, they provide you with a level of security that few other cardrooms achieve.

You don’t have to worry about collusion or bots, payments that have failed to clear or a lack of sufficient player base. We have run the full gamut of available poker cardrooms to discover the best ones out there.

Crypto Poker Club Group

Crypto Poker Club Group has a ton to offer. One of the newest entrants in the crypto poker space, the website comes with a heavy selection of features. Heavy in the sense that they cover all possible needs a poker gamer might need.

The website touts itself as the future of all crypto poker – and the game in general – and this is not difficult to believe at all. For starters, we were impressed with the HUD and the Instantplay platform.

Crypto Poker Club also touts another achievement – the defeat of botting. At a time when most cardrooms are struggling to address this common plague, CPC has found the solution. A number of third-party tool and proprietor software runs complex algorithms to spot the bots and nip them in the bud.

Common game-ruining practices such as collusion are also looked down upon and eliminated from the platform. But what truly makes this brand one of the best crypto poker sites is none other than the variety of games.

***Join the world’s leading provably fair blockchain card room***

Ring games, Sit’n’Go’s and Tournaments are all part of the offer. Players will also enjoy a multi-tier VIP rakeback system that enables you to claim up to 50%. The 2X bonus is a unique welcome offer.

You effectively get two $2,000 for both ETC and BTC, and better yet – the whole bonus is awarded immediately, rather than you having to play through increments of it first to release it.

Crypto Poker Club is one of the safest card rooms, and certainly the safest crypto poker site, and the certification from iTech Labs indicates as much. Not least, this website offers a full iOS and Android compatibility.

Should you prefer, you can download a dedicated Android app or play from the downloadable and installable Windows client.

NoLimitCoin Poker

NoLimitCoin Poker has decided to completely give up on “rake,” and we definitely appreciate that. The website is another step up in the global efforts to improve on the poker experience.

The dedicated NLC2 allows you to find a new betting currency to stake safely and guarantee yourself complete anonymity. Meanwhile, the gameplay remains smooth and players can pick from a number of popular cash games and Sit’n’Go’s.

Tournament are also available at NoLimitCoin Poker and if you fear that players can gang up on you, don’t worry because the website is set to prevent collusion in full.

All in all, the website is neatly set-up, although the front end could use improvements. Nevertheless, the actual functionality of the poker client makes it more than worth it to give this card room a stab.

***No limit to the blockchain poker fun you can have with NoLimitCoin***


Coin Poker is another whirl at the blockchain industry and introducing scalable and reliable poker solutions. The website focuses on both providing you with great poker variants as well as help more people understand the inherent benefits to choosing cryptocurrencies to play poker.

Some of the best crypto poker sites out there already rely on blockchain-powered currency to help you make the most and CoinPoker is no exception. Apart from the inherent transparency of the platform and multiple opportunities to play poker – once you have downloaded the client – the team does a lot to explain how it all works.

Another huge upside of CoinPoker is that you can download a dedicated Android and iOS app and we appreciate this great addition.


FairPoker comes next on the list. The website has a flashy intro that introduces you to the whole lot of outstanding features it packs. FairPoker claims to has provably fair Bitcoin poker solutions and upon further examination we have fond this to be true according to community opinion.

As one of the best crypto poker sites out there, you can expect FairPoker to offer quite a bit. The rakeback is neatly explained in a dedicated section on the website. Newbies can enjoy a 10% rakeback, but if you obtain a status of a Whale, you are looking at 40% in rakeback.

Moving up the tiers is a straightforward process. All you need to do is keep playing and reach the required qualifying number of points. Promotions are also handy with the rakeback programmed pushed up to the top.

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