Tether market cap surges to $15bn

To put things in perspective, USDT was capped at $4 billion at the beginning of 2020. Today, the currency has soared to $15 billion.  DeFi has been in the root of that growth with the overall focus in blockchain shifting to stablecoins pegged to a FIAT currency.

In fact Tether’s average daily transfer value has surpassed that of PayPal recently, sending a clear signal that the cryptocurrency is here to stay. An infographic released by Flipsidecrypto.com, demonstrating the growth in trade volume between users and exchanges recently.

Meanwhile, the amount of USDT has increased to over $10 billion in the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s worth noting that there are ongoing moves to try and shift Tether transfers onto other networks as rising gas fees are proving too crippling to the DeFi and gambling-friendly network.

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Written by Tudor

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