US Securities and Exchange Commission


FTX faces investigation by DoJ and US SEC


Sam Bankman-Fried, entrepreneur and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is reportedly being investigated by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and...

Coinbase announces further 60 layoffs


Coinbase has continued to feel the effects of the crashing cryptocurrency market with the company confirming that it will lay...

The Blockchain Association backs Ripple Labs against SEC


Washington DC based crypto lobbying organization The Blockchain Association has filed a permission to join Ripple v SEC as a...

Coinbase advisor praises speed that institutions are embracing crypto


Coinbase’s senior advisor John D’Agostino has said that institutions are adopting crypto currencies and other digital assets at a “very,...

US report calls for “appropriate” crypto regulation


A new report by US regulators calls for “appropriate regulation” on the cryptocurrency sector. Once again, concerned officials are expressing...

Canadian named in Ontario case against Dignity


The Ontario Securities Commission has filed allegations against Richard James Hogg who is tied to a cryptocurrency token offering which...