Kris Marszalek


AFL confident in its partnership with


The Australian Football League (AFL) has decided to stick by, its official cryptocurrency partner, as the league feels confident... boss refutes industry instability

15/11/2022|12:00 boss Kris Marszalek has given an Ask Me Anything (AMA) address on YouTube in which he shared his thoughts... receives regulatory approval in Italy


Cryptocurrency exchange has expanded into Italy after receiving regulatory approval from the country’s cryptocurrency regulator Organismo Agenti e Mediatori...

F1 Miami Grand Prix signs deal

10/02/2022|04:00 has signed a long-term deal with Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, as the crypto exchange continues to add its... loses $34m in hacking attack

20/01/2022|02:06 CEO Kris Marszalek confirmed that the “nothing to worry about” tech glitch that prevented consumers from withdrawing money for... suspends withdrawals


Crypto exchange had to temporarily suspend withdrawals on Monday as the company received multiple complaints from users of “unauthorized...