Links between China chemical firms and crypto revealed


China-based chemical firms have been suspected of supplying fentanyl to drug cartels overseas in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain research firms...

Klaytn and OpenSea partner to boost growth in Asia


In an aim to invest in the Asian NFT market, OpenSea has partnered with the Asia-based metaverse and blockchain ecosystem,...

Iran to cut crypto mining


A new report suggests that Iran may soon cut electricity power from crypto mining activities as the country’s electrical grid...

Korea prepares for phase two of CBDC test


The Bank of Korea has successfully completed its first phase of testing a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The organization...

Bank of America issues report on US CBDC


Bank of America released a new study on Monday detailing the increasing role of central bank digital currencies on present-day...

El Salvador purchases 410 Bitcoin amid crash


El Salvador has purchased an additional 410 bitcoin (BTC) to add to its reserves. This comes on the tail of...

Brazil Considers Zero Tax for Crypto Miners


Bitcoin mining has been widely criticized for the amount of energy it requires and the effect it can have on...

South Korea Considers Lifting ICO Ban


In late 2017 both China and South Korea banned ICOs, around the same time that the crypto world rocked with...