With sports being cancelled around the world in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, sportsbooks are increasingly struggling for content. Fortunately, Cloudbet has been proactive on Twitter to champion the few sports remaining.

We’ve seen the major football leagues postpone the end of their seasons, golf tournaments cancelled or pushed back, horse racing go behind closed doors and then shut down after, and this is general trend continues across almost all sports worldwide.

There are obviously valid justifications for the above, but it does have a profound effect on some industries, one of which is sports betting and its player base.

However, one bitcoin sportsbook which isn’t feeling is sorry for itself is Cloudbet. It remains very much open for business and has been leading the way on Twitter to showcase the best sportsbook opportunities still to be had, under the somewhat ironic #sportscancelled hashtag.

So, what’s still on offer? Some football is still going ahead, with the better-quality betting likely coming from the Turkish, Brazilian and Singaporean leagues.

And some of the smaller team and remote sports still have some good offerings, including table tennis and esports.

Perhaps bucking the trend by still going ahead, the Australian Football Season also starts its season tomorrow and the fast-paced game will be a big pull for those looking for season-long outrights and a good array of in-play betting.

So, whether you’re confined to home or just looking for something to bet on over the next few days and weeks, #sportscancelled may ring true but sports betting is well and truly alive.

Keep an eye out for the likes of Cloudbet, Sportsbet.io and Wagerr, who recently announced additional esports content, to get your fix of the best bitcoin and decentralised sports betting content.

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