Spider-Man NFT Crashes AMC Servers

AMC and Sony Pictures have released news that the newest Spider-Man movie would come with a bonus perk. This perk came in the form of a limited edition non-fungible token (NFT). The first 86,000 people to purchase advance tickets for the showing of the movie would receive a Spider-Man-themed NFT. 

Within minutes of the announcement, AMC servers crashed due to the number of people trying to use the system simultaneously. AMC was forced to introduce a virtual queue for buying tickets in which some users report waiting hours to get through. Many third-party sites that allowed for purchases of advanced tickets also struggled with the volume of users.

AMC is becoming one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly and normal businesses out there. Earlier this year it announced it would accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba for payments towards tickets. Now it has expanded its reach into digital assets with collectible NFTs and is yet to announce anything with a metaverse, but many speculate this is to come.

This is the first time a major box office release has offered an NFT with purchase. AMC stated it couldn’t be happier that its debut into the NFT world was with its partner, Sony Pictures. There are currently no hints as to what the next NFT movie premiere will be, but many expect it to relate to comic book heroes. 

These NFTs will be digital collectibles that can be traded. NFT trades can be very lucrative. Just recently there was a digital yacht sold for $650,000 on the marketplace and metaverse, Sandbox.

Speculators believe that many of these Spider-Man NFTs will be held by collectors for decades, while a majority of them will be sent to those who have no idea what it even is. If this speculation is true, there will be a very limited amount on the open market which could result in high prices. 

The Spider-Man NFTs will be hosted on the WAX blockchain. This blockchain has grown in popularity due to its focus on NFT related products and reduced gas fees. If you missed out on the NFT release, check out the marketplaces on top of the WAX blockchain to see what these NFTs go for.

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