SOFTSWISS talks about Bitcoin Halving and the impact on iGaming

Bitcoin Halving has been one of the most significant events in the crypto and blockchain industries, and it is certainly going to have its impact on iGaming

In a detailed LinkedIn post, SOFTSWISS, a tech provider for the gambling industry, and an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, has talked in-depth about what Bitcoin Halving would mean for the iGaming industry, and the challenges that stakeholders will be facing moving forward.

For starters, SOFTSWISS explained the process of Bitcoin Halving, with every 210,000 blocks triggering a halving that reduces the mining yield from blocks by 50%. Presently, miners will get 3.125 BTC per block as part of the new halving, which has been reducing the total stock of Bitcoin available and has been the mechanism the blockchain protocol and cryptocurrency have used to ensure that they are keeping inflation under control.

The total supply of Bitcoin will never exceed 21 million coins, SOFTSWISS explained. But how is this going to actually impact the iGaming industry as a whole? SOFTSWISS has made several predictions. For starters, there has already been a significant rise in the use of crypto. Bets are also increasing both in terms of size and volume, and Bitcoin-friendly iGaming brands are proliferating.

SOFTSWISS is also observing an improvement when it comes to regulation. Bitcoin halving is directly responsible for this last point, as it makes regulators take a closer and harder look at what Bitcoin is, how it operates, and why it needs to be put into a framework. When regulators are taking notice, and bringing Bitcoin into the mainstream, iGaming businesses are also more confident seeking it out.

Bradley Peak, blockchain expert, has also commented on what this event means: “Any transformation will not be without its challenges. It is important to adapt – invest in employee learning and development, onboard crypto processing, and make sure your platform remains secure in the process.”

In the meantime, SOFTSWISS has continued to observe record use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos and sports betting sites.

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