Sims creator to create blockchain game

Will Wright is more interested in “attracting free-to-play players" with an exciting game rather than “10,000 rich whales” for NFT purchases.

The Sims creator Will Wright has announced a plan to create a new blockchain video game named VoxVerse.

Not dissimilar to the popular life simulation game The Sims or Sim City where players can buy and sell land for entertainment, the new metaverse project will re-enact this model but enable such sales and purchases to be made with cryptocurrencies.

Players can also create land and attractions, socialize and mine resources which can then also be turned into items for sale.

The overall VoxVerse design is being developed by the blockchain-focused start-up Gallium Games, co-founded by Wright and co-creator of media franchise Carmen Sandiego, Lauren Elliot.

The project is funded by Gala Games who reportedly sent more than $25m to Gallium from NFT and crypto gaming bankrollers.

Although Gala hopes that Wright’s metaverse project will help popularize its digital collectible Vox characters, Wright’s interest lies in creating the game and seeing how blockchain technology can allow for “secure transactions for content creators”.

“I don't really want to be in the business of selling NFTs”, he said in a recent interview.

In Q3, the interest in blockchain gaming rose and investors saw a possibility in crypto gaming companies.

“Half of the total amount raised and 40% of all financing rounds for private gaming companies were investments in blockchain gaming”, read reports in the Global Gaming Report by Drake Star.


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Written by Isabella Aslam


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