Scorpion Casino Hits $10M Presale Mark

The ambitious GambleFi project which promises to upend the way we experience online casinos has reported another major milestone

The presale for the $SCORP token has hit $10 million, making it one of the most valuable gambling tokens in the industry. Scorpion Casino, which is launched on the GambleFi network, wants to completely upend the way we think about online gambling and casinos, using blockchain technology to facilitate transactions.

Yet, the $SCORP token and Scorpion Casino have been partial to making sure they are reachable to more consumers, and have launched on PancakeSwap and LBank, crypto exchanges, with more launches on BitMart and XT.Bank making it easier for consumers to claim a token of their own and become a part of the casino.

$SCORP has also been steadily climbing up. The token is currently trading at $0.04, with a max supply of 100,000,000,000 $SCORP tokens. $SCORP is still an experimental project, but it shows a promise to be of particular interest to investors looking to grow their holdings.

Scorpion Casino will make it so that account holders may actually generate passive income from their $SCORP holdings, with the income calculated on the casino’s winnings, and a cap of $10,000 USDT daily. This income is generated independent of the $SCORP token’s value.

To control inflation and market dilution, the $SCORP token is undergoing daily burns of 50% of its supply. $SCORP and Scorpion Casino also hope to demonstrate in clear way that they are fully committed to consumer privacy and safety, and they are undergoing strict checks.

Scorpion Casino is accredited by Assure DeFi, which is a recognized company that specializes in KYC checks in the blockchain and crypto industry. Scorpion Casino believes that its ecosystem is self-sustaining, allowing it to operate independently of its creators and respond to market forces with built-in safety mechanisms to avoid fluctuations that could disrupt its earning potential for investors.

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