Rollbit’s $RLB Dashboard reveals over $1.2 million in token burns in 7 days

Rollbit introduced various innovative initiatives to benefit RLB token holders

In a recent update, Rollbit revealed data from its $RLB Dashboard, which was introduced approximately five weeks ago.

Over the course of the past seven days, a total of 9,001,433 RLB tokens, equivalent to $1,281,009, were purchased and subsequently burned.

This event marks a noteworthy milestone for the platform. According to the previous update, in the first 28 days since the release of the $RLB Dashboard  33,277,392 RLB tokens were purchased and burnt, amounting to $5,440,722. 

At the beginning of August, Rollbit initiated a transformative change in its tokenomics, leading to an impressive 65% surge in RLB token prices.

This transformation introduced a daily Buy & Burn program, where Rollbit allocates a portion of its revenue to acquire and subsequently eliminate RLB tokens. This strategic shift is expected to increase RLB token value significantly by reducing the token supply, fostering scarcity, and driving up demand.

In addition to the Buy & Burn program, Rollbit also introduced various innovative initiatives to benefit RLB token holders, including the $RLB Dashboard. It is a real-time revenue dashboard for users to track Rollbit's earnings, enhancing their understanding of RLB token value. 

To stabilize RLB token prices, a 30-day lock was imposed on staked Rollbots, preventing hasty token sales. Moreover, a portion of purchased RLB tokens is regularly distributed to staked Rollbots, providing passive earnings for token holders.

Rollbit's forward-looking strategy includes automating token burns on the blockchain, further enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the Buy & Burn program. 

Additionally, Rollbit recently introduced significant updates to its RLB Lottery, including a 1.2% contribution of casino profits to the prize pool, free entry with no staking fees, and features like multipliers and team play to enhance the lottery experience.

These changes aimed to make participation more enticing and accessible, with a recent round resulting in a substantial $742,673 prize. The lottery's fairness and integrity are ensured through cryptographic methods and rigorous examination. 

Rollbit further introduced a new feature allowing users to engage in battles within its virtual casino, offering customization options where players can select the slot game, set bonus buy costs, and specify the number of participants. 

Additionally, Rollbit offers battles against its in-house account, Rollbot, and organizes frequent Bonus Battles with high-stakes prizes.

Rollbit has also launched the $RLB Airdrop, offering a distribution pool of $1.5m, linked to both on-chain transactions and in-game activity for eligible participants.

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Written by Silvia Pavlof

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