RocketGame Review: Our TRON site guide

Welcome to our RocketGame review!

RocketGame is a fantastic example of how TRON blockchain gaming can be a success.

With a vast portfolio of features, the website has something to offer all players.

RocketGame embraces intuitive new games built for the blockchain exclusively.

Players will get to enjoy a selection of awesome game features.

These include dividends, cashback options, referral promotions, contests and challenges.

There are also some events you will love to get involved in.’s user interface is tailored to players who are familiar with blockchain.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of tempting promos and games to try as well in our RocketGame review.

RocketGame Review: Games and software

Based on the TRON blockchain ecosystem, there are plenty of great options you can benefit from as a player at RocketGame.

RocketGame styles itself as a gaming dApp and it very well is.

It started with just eight games of its own, but it has gradually expanded to feature hundreds of new additions.

The upshot is a diverse portfolio catering to those with even the most demanding requests with quite a few unique games.

All proprietor games are listed under “Lucky Games,” and they feature titles such as:

  • Banker Bull
  • RocketDice
  • Mines
  • Keno
  • Plinko
  • Hilo
  • FruitSlots

The selection of available titles isn’t limited to the above, though.

In fact, there are multiplier games where four players can play against one another, which is another appealing feature of the blockchain casino.

Following the quick jump in popularity, the next step for RocketGame has been to start adding slots.

The selection of slot games is bulky, extending generously to the player and inviting them to try popular titles.

Some of these games include blockbuster slots such as Vikings Winter, African Spirit, 88 Dragon and God’s Temple Deluxe.

Players will be free to pick which type of games they prefer more. Some will stick with the blockchain-based games, such as dice.

Others may stick to their slot game of choice or take some inspiration from our RocketGame review.

Either way, the choice is substantial, and you will have plenty of opportunities to test the waters.

Great Jackpots to land

Just like any great blockchain gaming website, RocketGame has jackpots to offer.

They will drop at certain times and not always part of a slot experience.

In fact, you will find the blockchain games far more rewarding in terms of prize pools.

The various contests will all come decked out with some pretty good rewards that can drop quickly or may steadily build.

Many jackpots are also built in such a way that there is a countdown for each.

In those situations, you will compete for the prize pool as part of a leader board.

Overall, there are many ways to claim sizeable rewards from

Bonuses, rewards and VIP experience

As part of the RocketGame review, we have decided to take a look at the many ways to boost your starting balance.

For starters, you have the dividends and they are a fun way to earn as you play.

To be able to benefit from the dividends, you will need to pick your favourite games, including mini rocket games and others.

Get started with the myriad RocketGame review bonuses

If you are a bit more competitive in nature, the wagering contests at RocketGame could work for you.

Players are very welcome to compete against one another and test their luck.

You will have access to the Weekly Event Racer where your smart plays matter as they will secure you better returns.

Players can similarly participate in a Daily Challenge for even more benefits, but also be part of the VIP experience.

The further up the VIP program you go, the better your returns will become.

In the meantime, if you do have friends you want to refer to, you can benefit from the 0.35% referral bonus.

There are some tailored things to try as well, including the Christmas Celebration and New Year Bonus.

These are activated at the end of the year for those of you who want to get in a festive mood.

RocketGame will also extend various AirDrops to you, so don’t miss out.

How to bank at RocketGame

Built exclusively for TRON users, RocketGame expects you to own your own TRX tokens.

Specifically, you need a TRC20 token on which the offer is based.

If you are not too sure where to start, you can get in touch with customer support.

In the meantime, RocketGame promises to bring more tokens on board and help you make the experience a great one.

There is a cool feature that allows you to freeze your ROCKET tokens and this way you are eligible for dividends.

To freeze any asset, though, you must have at least 1 TRX in your wallet.

Banking with RocketGame may seem a little complicated at first, but it’s a fantastic learning opportunity.

Once you have your wallet set up, you should really not worry about a thing.

Blessing in disguise for mobile players

If you need to be on the go, but still want to enjoy blockchain gaming, RocketGame is the right pick for you.

To begin with, all games are available as an HTML5 platform, allowing you to connect at ease.

Never a dull moment with RocketGame mobile

You don’t a specific software or device to play on the go so long as you have a smart device with internet capabilities.

The quick and light gameplay of the blockchain games makes it very easy to play casually as well as join a contest.

In fact, the majority of players prefer to stick with smartphones for gaming.

The added convenience is not something to pass up on lightly, and convenience is where RocketGame shines.

Safety and security at RocketGame

Among the more important aspects of a casino is whether it’s safe and secure.

RocketGame seems to meet industry standards with ease.

First, it’s part of a public ledger, empowering consumers to freely verify each transaction and use third-party tools.

More importantly, though, RocketGame has encryption technology in place that allows the casino to protect players and offer the necessary level of safety.

Anonymity is a welcome feature in blockchain gaming, but there is transparency nevertheless, and it’s good to know your information will be stored safely.

More importantly, RocketGame offers several consumer-driven tools to protect you from gambling-related harm.

You can use the self-exclusion tool available at the casino or simply reach for assistance at any of the listed helplines.

All players can rest assured that RocketGame is committed to responsible gaming.

The fairness at the casino is guaranteed by a Random Number Generator (RNG).

A random SHA-256 is triggered to determine each outcome.

Transparency is key to RocketGame

Without a doubt, blockchain gaming invites a little more transparency when it comes to gaming.

Yet, it’s good to know how this works.

First, every transaction on the ledger is traceable.

Pick from the best RocketGame blockchain titles wants you to always have a way of letting you enjoy your game while retaining a level of transparency.


Overall, RocketGame provides players with everything they expect from a blockchain gaming platform.

If you are new to TRON and blockchain gaming, there is a minor learning curve, but you will find the experience satisfying.

Players looking to make a big entry into the world of blockchain casinos have picked well coming to RocketGame.

Our RocketGame review confirms that the casino offers a great variety of incentives to empower your regular gameplay.

For this reason and many more, we believe players will want to drop their anchor at RocketGame right away.

Your gaming experience will feel much smoother with TRON and the TRC20 token.

We hope our RocketGame review will help you get started today!

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