Ripple’s lack of traction worries community, not CTO Schwartz

In a recent Twitter discussion, Schwartz talked with community members trying to shed light on the fact why banks have been slow on the uptake of XRP as an important currency that could breach blockchain finances with mainstream banking.

According to some users who pitched in the discussion, most of the issues were of Ripple's own design.

Some community members argued that the current obstacles that Ripple is facing have proven too much trouble for banks to really embrace XRP as a viable alternative.

Schwartz did agree that there were specific pitfalls that have made adoption rather slow as well, citing “regulatory uncertainty, last mile problems, fear of reprisals from existing partners.”

Schwartz though didn't see only drawbacks.

He argued that, to the contrary, Ripple is still a new currency and that banks would need some time to adopt.

Yet, the community is not too sure as the overall XRP supply has fallen 90% from its zenith, making for a worrying trend.

One specific indicator of XRP's waning authority is the fact that out of all the cryptocurrencies PayPal announced support for, XRP wasn't one of them.

Ripple investors are now feeling the pain and they are a tad uncertain about the future.

Meanwhile, Ripple is a popular choice of currency at several XRP casinos, including, MonteCryptos, and 1xBit.

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