NoLimitCoin launched the world’s first crypto fantasy sports platform, offering a range of contests from favourites such as football, soccer and baseball, to interesting categories including cricket and ‘fantasy crypto’. took a closer look.

NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have been a big deal in the world of gaming for some time now. Originally devised as a monetised and faster version of the popular season-long fantasy games, daily fantasy sports are now a multi-billion-dollar global business.

Major operators such as FanDuel and DraftKings emerged primarily by offering US players a way to place money on sports at a time when sports betting was not regulated in most states.

But the game is popular worldwide, and it wasn’t going to be long until a cryptocurrency heavyweight launched a blockchain version of it. Enter NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports.

About NoLimitCoin

You may have heard of NoLimitCoin before.

It is an innovative cryptocurrency that launched back in 2016, before most other cryptos. Those lucky enough to have invested in those early days have made a considerable profit.

NoLimitCoin is committed to disrupting the world of online gaming with a number of innovative products.

As well as its Fantasy Sports game, it is also live with a fantastic, no rake poker product.

You can read all about it here.

Playing at NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports

NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports is similar to other fantasy sports platforms, except all contests are played for with NLC2, a cryptocurrency that powers the platform.

NLC2 is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that boasts almost instant transaction times and very low fees, making it a perfect altcoin to play games such as fantasy sports with.

Once you have registered an account with NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports, it is simply a question of purchasing some NLC2 to play with, either directly on the site (including with your credit card), or via third-party exchanges, such as Bittrex and HitBTC.

From here, it is time to get into the action.

NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports offers a fantastic range of different sports to play fantasy sports contests.

These include: football, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, MMA and cricket. New sports are being added all the time, so keep an eye out for your favourite.

The interface of the website is slick and easy to use.

Select the sport you would like to play from the top bar, and that day’s contests will be displayed. There is a full range of buy-ins available, including freerolls, so you can play as high or low as you want.

Even better, we’ve found that the fantasy sports contests at NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports are not packed with professional players. There is a genuine opportunity to win here! The odds are not stacked against you in the way they are at certain other sites.

Fantasy Crypto

One of the most unique and compelling games offered on the platform is NoLimitCoin Fantasy Crypto.

The game launched in 2018, and is a fresh and new take on the old fantasy sports format, that also serves as an educational tool for those looking to get into cryptocurrencies.

The game combines this educational aspect with the thrill of a traditional fantasy sports contest.

Here’s how it works.

Players create their own team or portfolio of cryptocurrencies, in much the same way that you would create a team of baseball players. You then compete against others for a spot as one of the top 5 investors for that day, depending on whether your picks gain or lose value.

You can keep an eye on the most successful players, following their picks, as a way of learning how best to identify a good investment.

The platform also features a description of each coin, as well as links to the coins’ websites and social channels, so you can easily find more.

We absolutely love this game. It is something unique to the platform, and not available on traditional fantasy sports sites. And most importantly, it is great fun!

  • Range of games 96% 96%
  • User experience 95% 95%
  • Support and trustworthiness 95% 95%
  • Bonuses 95% 95%
  • Currencies and languages 91% 91%




NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports is the future of crypto fantasy sports. We love the sleek design and the usability of the site. The range of contests is excellent. Our highlight is the innovative Fantasy Crypto game, which brings the fun and excitement of a fantasy sports contest to the crypto world for the first time.

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