EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Edgeless co-founder Tomas Draksas

Edgeless recently launched its roulette product and its jackpot feature. How have these launches been getting on? What has been the response from players?

Tomas Draksas: The release of both Roulette and Jackpot has been a huge success story for the company so far. After the launch of the first Jackpot, the team witnessed a significant growth of new users. So Edgeless is continuing with the success of Jackpot. Now users have the chance to win 30,000 EDG every week over the upcoming weeks. To bump it up a notch, the Jackpot has a new feature: the user’s total wagered sum on the casino is included in the Jackpot bonus system. This is one of the reasons why Edgeless has released the latest Jackpot together with Roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino industry and is shaping up to be one of the top games on Edgeless. Launched only a few weeks ago, it has already attracted a huge number of users.

EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Edgeless co-founder Tomas Draksas

Edgeless has also been reporting some impressive figures in terms of amounts of EDG wagered on the platform. Can you share any figures?

TD: We do see a growth in figures and the success of our latest campaigns. For example, the first Jackpot in December lasted for 19 days and we distributed 19,540 keys. The latest jackpot was released at the beginning of March, and in just one week 31,569 keys were distributed. So in terms of growth, the numbers speak for themselves, and the casino is continuously attracting new users.

From a development perspective, what does the EDG team have in store for 2019?

TD: The main goal for Edgeless in 2019 is to increase user growth. We are focused on the development of bonus systems and new games and releases that will attract new users to the casino, as well as retention strategies to keep users on the platform. So our community can definitely expect more games this year, including Treasure Hunt — our latest creation, which is on its way real soon!

How do you feel about the outlook for crypto and blockchain within the gambling industry?

TD: As we have seen, in recent years, the crypto and blockchain industry has been one of the hottest topics at all of the gambling conferences and events. This really is the technology that could bring more transparency and innovation to the field. There is already a bunch of competitors within the industry, and Edgeless is happy to be one of the leading ones. Despite this, blockchain is in the very early stages of its growth, and the technology itself hasn’t fully emerged yet. Once the Ethereum platform is fully scalable however, crypto will be an even hotter topic in the future.

What are the biggest challenges facing decentralized gaming platforms in 2019, and how is Edgeless addressing them?

TD: While blockchain technologies have become trendy in recent years, issues of a lack of scalability remain, and casinos need to adjust. Edgeless is solving this problem by creating state channels for the casino. For now, we are very scalable on the blockchain, and we see that competitors are following this strategy in their platforms also.

Why users should choose Edgeless above all other players in the market?

TD: While most players in the industry are buying games from third party providers, Edgeless is developing totally unique games that you can find only on the Edgeless platform. The great thing about this is that the team has complete creative control. The most noteworthy feature is the simplicity of the games on offer. You may not be a gambler, you may have no idea about the rules of a game, yet it only takes a few minutes to play. Also, although the casino is powered by blockchain technology, the simplicity of the design means that you don’t have to be an active crypto user to play. Edgeless is a platform for everyone.

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