Q&A: Aviatrix on building the next generation of crash game

Crash games have taken the online casino industry by storm recently, and one supplier is upping the ante by using NFTs to increase customization and engagement. Aviatrix Marketing Manager Yuliya Bogachiova told us more.

Please can you introduce Aviatrix to our readers?

Aviatrix is a new online NFT crash game which is rapidly gaining a loyal following among online casino and igaming players. Crash games are winning players’ hearts every day, and our version offers more functionality than others on the market, including NFT planes players can choose to fly with. No other online casino game currently offers this, and we’ve integrated the NFT element in such a way that it doesn’t impact the experience for those who aren’t interested in that aspect. 

Crash games have soared in popularity in recent years. What does Aviatrix bring to the vertical?

You’re right, crash games are becoming really popular. However, we’ve found that many of the games look very similar and use the same basic principles. We’ve decided to bring new features to the product, such as full customization of the plane players are betting on. This means the user can build their very own NFT plane model, changing everything from the colour to the body and parts. They can even see other pilots flying in the background of their game.

As they play more regularly and earn experience points, this in turn opens up new levels and plane models. The experience points also give regular users an edge in daily tournaments; in order to qualify for certain tournaments, players need to make at least one bet per day, and these tournaments give players the chance to win extra.

Tell us about your participation, and win, in the Binance Smart Chain Hackathon?

In October 2021, when our game Aviatrix was at a very early stage of development, we decided to test our hypotheses on its potential success at the Binance Smart Chain Hackathon. For us, it was important to discover if the crypto community would take an interest in such a project, and we wanted to see if we could find potential partners and players at the event.

The contest had two stages and 63 contestants, so it was a major undertaking. The first phase was a public vote, and initially it didn’t look like we would win. However, we made it through to the second phase, where a professional jury took into consideration not only the emotional appeal of the project, but its potential for future success. Aviatrix (then known as Aviator) scored 188 points, more than any other entrant, and it really underlined the long-term growth potential of the game.

Why should online casino brands be paying attention to NFTs?

NFTs have obviously made a huge impact over the past couple of years, and we see them as an opportunity to introduce features to online casino games that can attract a new type of players, and better engage those already active. Here’s one example with Aviatrix: players can transfer their NFT planes from one casino to another, retaining their experience points and the advantages that come with them. It’s about putting the player first and not limiting their experience. 

What can the online casino sector learn from the world of blockchain?

Blockchain technology provides lucrative opportunities to online casinos, and we are focused on helping operators capitalize on them. With Aviatrix, one additional feature we are currently planning is a marketplace where players can buy and sell their planes for money, giving them a chance to cash in on planes they’ve spent time levelling up.

This technology opens many doors for online casino brands to deliver a more personal experience to players. If a brand closes down, for instance, the fact our planes are on-chain means that other casinos can immediately welcome players from the defunct operator to play Aviatrix without losing their progress. The NFT planes belong to the player, not the casino, and that’s a really powerful incentive.

What's next for Aviatrix?

At the moment our game is already live in several online casinos, and we are working hard to increase our network of partnerships in order to present Aviatrix to a wider audience. We will be polishing our game and adding features, including the marketplace I’ve already mentioned. 

Besides that, we’re also creating an entire metaverse, including several games using assets already available in Aviatrix. There’s huge potential here for players to use their NFT planes in other games. This is just the beginning of what is possible.

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David is co-founder of CryptoGamblingNews.com, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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