Proof of Toss, the blockchain-based protocol promising to revolutionize the betting industry, has confirmed that its token sale will kick off on January 11.

The sale was confirmed on the project’s Twitter feed this week, and follows months of preparation including the roll out of a beta version of the ecosystem.

The team said it has already sold $1.7m worth of TOSS tokens, with the sale hard cap of $9.5m and a soft cap of $2.42m.

All sales in ETH with 1 TOSS token equalling 0.00004 ETH. There is a 0.071 ETH minimum purchase.

Those who purchase more than 35 ETH of TOSS tokens will receive a 30 percent bonus, with other bonuses available for those who purchase at the start of the sale.

Prospective purchasers can register with the project’s ‘private cabinet’ ahead of the 10:00 UTC kick off on Friday.