President Trump and Joe Biden spur FTX’s futures bidding

Markets weren't too happy with the news of the president falling ill.

Ad-hoc futures launched by FTX as TRUMP 2020 and BIDEN 2020 saw interesting see-sawing in value as the President fell sick and then recovered.

Trump started at good 44% prior his debate with Joe Biden, dropping him to 38%, and then further down to 33% following the announcement that he had fallen ill with COVID-19.

Following his miraculous recovery and showing in public, FTX rallied up to 39%.

While Trump is definitely the more interesting of the two, BIDEN seems to be pulling in quite a bit of weight with 60% of the volume backing him.

Of course, even traders have to be mindful of how the public perceives developments.

Public opinion polls in 2016 posted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 70% chance of winning.

Yet she lost due to the Electoral College vote. Now, it's important to note that FTX is not actually reflecting the sentiment of actual US residents.

FTX is not available to people who are based in the US, meaning that the trading volumes are how the world perceives the outcome of the upcoming election.

It may be worth rooting for Joe Biden for this one, though, as the President has expressed opposition to both Libra and Bitcoin in the past.

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