Poll: Which gambling vertical is best-placed to use blockchain tech?

So, in this week's poll, we want to know which gambling vertical is the best placed to leverage blockchain technology?

There's no doubt that as a technology, it can benefit pretty much every gaming vertical out there, but does one fit the mould just right?

Are online casinos the prime use case? We've seen the likes of Bitcasino and 1xBit scale up massively with the success of cryptocurrency payments tied in with a quality gambling offering. On the other hand, the likes of FunFair Technologies have decentralised individual gaming mechanisms to ensure players can't be cheated and are guaranteed payouts.

What about sportsbooks? BETR has delivered an on-chain solution to remove the need for gambling middlemen, Cloudbet has cut payment costs and passed the savings onto players in the form of lower margins, and Wagerr are developing an evermore in-depth sports betting exchange.

Then we have the likes of Quanta who are changing the way lotteries do business. Bringing a more cost-effective, decentralised, crypto-focused offering to players and lottery operators, much of the complexity of running one has fallen considerably.

Virtue Poker have rebuilt peace of mind into the poker sector. No longer do players need to second-guess if they're being cheated with its innovative P2P shuffling mechanism.

And last but not least, land-based casinos are seeing the benefits of immutable gambling ledgers with the assistance of companies like CasinoCoin.

To say there's a few challengers to the blockchain gaming crown is to put it lightly. But we're still interested in knowing what you think. So, head on over to our Twitter poll and have a say for yourself.

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Written by Tudor

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