Bitcoin was developed in 2009, over a decade ago, and despite a slow start in terms of adoption, it's gone onto to revolutionise how we think of money today. Its impact on commerce has been vast. Almost all industries have taken a look at blockchain technology, and many have started to develop specific tools to leverage its benefits.

One industry which consistently runs ahead of the curve, gambling, jumped onto the use of decentralised technology as soon as it was feasibly possible. And cash is no longer king in the casino world with cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular with players the world round. Crypto casinos, such as Bitcasino and TrueFlip, using the likes of BTC and ETH, have delivered trust back to an industry with an ailing reputation. They've also made payments faster and more secure.

However, it's also clear that blockchain and cryptocurrency-based casinos have not penetrated into the everyday lives of as many players as their benefits would have suggested.

Is this a marketing issue, with gamblers sticking to the status quo rather than a digital niche? Have crypto casinos been hampered by slow regulation? Many have cried out, including the likes of FunFair, to clarify the space in which they can operator. Or is it a product issue? Perhaps crypto casinos don't back up an experience relative to the revolutionary tech they deploy.

Speaking to gaming industry veterans at trade shows, it's clear that crypto casinos are earning more respect from a financial and technical standpoint. Similarly, blockchain technology is now seeing real use cases of implementation in the traditional sector.

So, is it fair to say that the crypto casino sector is now a part of the mainstream? Is this coming sooner than the later, or do you think the blockchain casino niche will remain just that for the foreseeable future? We want to know!

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Written by Tudor

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