Poll: What is the best gambling cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is the original gambling token, but is it still the best? The crypto gambling scene is booming and there's so many choices of cryptocurrency to gamble with, so we're asking you to tell us which one's your favourite?

We don't need to tell you about bitcoin (BTC). It's the most popular cryptocurrency out there and the majority of crypto casinos accept it as a deposit and wagering option. But critics claim it's clunky and rigid in its functionality. It wasn't built for gambling as a use case and it can be slow and expensive. However, it's ease of access and popularity mean its easy to understand and very available on exchanges and with fiat swaps.

ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum network can't be ignored either. The likes of FunFair (FUN) and Edgeless (EDG) have taken the Ethereum blockchain's security and pliability to bring fairness and speed to crypto gambling, and with much success. Saying that, it could be argued that using a niche token has slowed down their entry to the mainstream. We know what they can offer but for those that aren't so crypto-savvy, does playing with an Ethereum-based token prove a hurdle too far?

And the new kid on the block, TRON (TRX). Casinos such as WINk seem to be smashing it in terms of acquisition using TRON as a wagering option, or TRON tokens such as the TRC-20s of WIN and RAKE. With popular mining and staking tools, as well as a vibrant gaming community, TRX casinos look to have the most potential out of all cryptos, but has that been at the cost of safety? We want you to tell us!

And there's so many more gambling cryptocurrencies out there. EOS has a massive gaming ecosystem, CSC (Casino Coin) is building steadily, and XRP (Ripple) has gained traction with certain audiences too. In fact, you can pretty much gamble with any popular cryptocurrency nowadays. So, hit up our poll and tell us your favourite gambling altcoins.

So which one do you prefer? Which coin or token gives you the best gaming experience at the best cryptocurrency casinos? Head to our Twitter poll and tell us today.

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