Poll Results: Crypto casinos ‘in the mainstream’

Our latest weekly poll asked you the not-so-simple question “When will crypto casinos enter the gambling mainstream?” And given a choice of “it's happening now!”, “in the next few years”, “it will take 5+ years”, and “never”, almost half of you believe that the crypto casino sector is part of the mainstream right now.

It's happening now!

In fact, 47.9% of those polled swung that way, providing a resounding vote of confidence for the sector and its operators this morning. Sure, there may be an element of bias in these figures, but it's a clear win and one we're happy to get behind.

Operators, such as Bitcasino.io and FortuneJack, have gone above and beyond to provide a crypto casino experience that not only resembles the best on offer in traditional online environments, but adds to them with the benefits of blockchain and crypto payments.

In the early days, many crypto games (fully-fledged crypto casinos weren't operational until later on) lacked the functionality and usability that players have become accustomed to online. Therefore, crypto casinos, like those mentioned, have had to move fast in delivering this to the new breed of player.

And having reviewed so many in our time at CryptoGamblingNews, we reckon they deserve a place in the gambling mainstream based on quality alone. Today's premium crypto casino boasts huge gaming content, quality bonus offerings, first-rate customer service and holistically, a gambling environment that puts the player first.

They may not get the respect by some industry stalwarts, but times are changing. Crypto and blockchain projects are increasingly making waves at gambling trade shows, while major fiat operators are looking at ways to incorporate decentralised tech as we speak.

Wait and see

We should note that over half of those who voted said that crypto casinos are not currently mainstream. 33.9% of votes favoured a penetration in the next few years, while 16.5% plumped for in five or more years.

Depending on how you define ‘mainstream', you're going to have a different answer but it's clear that adoption is increasing. We've seen TRON users skyrocket and the FunFair network has hit its 4,000th player recently. If these numbers continue exponentially, on the back of improved tech and wider awareness, it's reasonable to state that the sector would then be mainstream.

A lack of regulation and clarity over how crypto casinos can market themselves is certainly holding them back. Maybe when these are resolved, we can argue a fairer case for being a major player in the wider industry.

Confidence in crypto

We'd like to thank you for your vote on this latest poll. It's clear there's a lot of confidence out there, with some more optimistic than others. We know that crypto gambling is here to stay, but we're also acutely aware it has a lot more to do to pick off players from the fiat space.

So, is it mainstream now? To an extent. What we're excited about though, is looking back in five years time and knowing for sure that this was just the start of something far, far bigger.

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Written by Tudor

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