Poll Results: Crypto casinos could do more to protect players

This week's poll asked whether crypto casinos are doing enough to ensure responsible gambling? The phrase has become commonplace in the industry, with operators around the world stepping up their game to make sure they protect players, while also appeasing their regulators. Safe gambling marketing campaigns are on all media channels, and new laws have come in place across Europe, through the States and into Australasia.

Failing traditional industry tarnishing crypto space

The traditional online gambling industry has been tarnished time and time again by its lack of priorities with regards to responsible gambling. Too often do they take money off VIPs with no concern for the player's welfare, while also ignoring problem gambling behaviour in their more casual player segments. On the back of this, massive fines have been handed out, often in the millions, and there's even been talk of suspending various casino licences.

Unfortunately, the fiat casino sector's shortcomings has impacted the crypto casino space as well. The burgeoning blockchain and crypto gambling scene is only recently making a name for itself in the mainstream, but it's having to do it at a time when anti-gambling lobbyists are at their most active. We've seen the better crypto casinos take responsible gambling seriously, but we were curious how our community feels it's doing.

That's why we asked you the question. And whether, in your experience and knowledge, crypto casinos are doing enough, could do better, or need to try a lot harder to enact responsible gambling processes.

Could do better

And the resounding response: “room for improvement”. At first look, this seems pretty fair. Crypto casinos come in all shapes and sizes, and the bigger ones certainly have the funds and development skills to bring in first-class responsible gambling tools. These could be basic tools such as deposit limits, timeouts and the like, but we're also seeing more intuitive, AI-based models seeking out problem gambling behaviour and halting it at the source.

A fine example of a casino which has repeatedly taken its players seriously is BitCasino. The operator sets out clearly how it will act towards players, and how they should gamble themselves in order to have an enjoyable experience. They also link through to various gambling help charities, including GamCare and Keep It Fun, to provide more information to players who want further help.

However, it's also clear that many crypto casinos out there do not have these resources. Simple crash and dice sites are not equipped to provide the levels of responsible gambling that players often require, and so it's understandable that our voters think there is room for improvement.

Positive sentiment

In fact, 24% of those polled stated that decentralised casinos are already doing enough. It's a very personal and subjective question as some gamblers are more prone to getting into trouble than others. Some punters may be better off and so can cover losses better in the long run, whereas those needing quick cash could be sucked into a problem gambling spiral much faster. Saying that, it's definitely a vote in confidence for the industry as a whole that between those two options, 83% of votes aren't claiming that bitcoin casinos need to do significantly more.

The other 17% who voted for “need to do a lot better” are without doubt justified. Many casinos we've seen do not treat their players with the respect they deserve. Too often they only think about bottom line and not about player enjoyment and engagement, which would likely help their margin in the long run. Fortunately, these types of casinos are being forced out by better quality, more progressive operators, and with more awareness, players will jump to the likes of TrueFlip, BitCasino and FortuneJack.

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