When CryptoGamblingNews.com invited its readers to vote on which gambling altcoin would have the highest market cap at the end of 2019, it didn’t quite anticipate the scale of the response.

More than 1,000 people cast a vote on our Twitter poll, leading to a tight three-way battle between FunFair (FUN), CasinoCoin (CSC) and Wagerr (WGR).

What happened next is less clear, but a mysterious and unverifiable 700 votes appeared in the space of a few minutes. The CryptoGamblingNews.com team will be carrying out a full investigation – with the cooperation of the NSA and the FSB – to get to the bottom of things.

In the meantime, it worth highlighting some of the excellent debate that appeared below the line on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, with passionate members of the FunFair, CasinoCoin and Wagerr communities (as well as a handful of very senior staffers) making a case for their coins.

FunFair founder Jez San joined the debate on the company’s Telegram, highlighting FUN’s USPs. “[The] player doesn’t give their coins into the custody of the casino … games are cheat-proof … casinos don’t need gaming servers … all the people who get a revenue share from the gaming activity get paid instantly,” he wrote.

Representing CasinoCoin, Twitter user @marceldy listed a range of reasons why CSC had the biggest gain potential for 2019, including:

“It’s never been hyped, no ICO. CXX was mined pre-swap… Utility coin not a gaming platform, can partner with all above … Created with regulators in mind … Enhances existing gaming infrastructure.”

"“[The] player doesn’t give their coins into the custody of the casino … games are cheat-proof … casinos don’t need gaming servers"

– Jez San
Founder, FunFair Technologies

Meanwhile daniel(wwf), a developer at the CasinoCoin Foundation, posted the following overview of the project on Discord:

“Use case: BTC Casinos already exist, if you have ever done a TX during a time when the network is unlucky or a lot of TX are unconfirmed you will immediately understand that having a one second (max) transaction time beats BTC by at least 120x. Assuming anyone accepts one confirmation only.

“Payments: People’s real need is: fast and global payments. CSC does that and comes with bells and whistles.

“Smart Contracts: If the industry REALLY needs it, it will be done. Simple as that. And we are talking about the real industry here: gambling, not crypto.

“Existing Casinos: If you can choose between thousands of games from well-known suppliers on well-known platforms that have more than just a Curacao license OR a provably fair game, the average Joe is not able to verify and can choose from let’s say 100 games, the choice is an easy one. Gamblers are gamblers, not crypto dudes.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @Lurkeburger made the case for Wagerr. “On its own decentralized chain, plenty of dev funds still in the bank, updated wallets with many more betting options on the way, support from over 2500 masternodes already, distributed oracles on the way, ability for users to collect betting fees for added income,” they wrote on Twitter.

All in all, it was fantastic to see such an informed and passionate debate on the merits of the leading gambling altcoins. For the future of this sector, we need to hope all these projects prove successful. This isn’t a zero sum game.

If you really want to see the final (unverified) poll result, you’ll have to visit the CryptoGamblingNews.com Twitter feed.

But winning isn’t important, it’s the taking part that counts.



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