Poll: Are crypto casinos doing enough to ensure responsible gambling?

With increased pressure from various governments and anti-gambling lobbies, the casino industry has been fast in responding to the need for more player protection.

The last few years has seen operators massively ramp up awareness messaging through various media channels, while they've also introduced various on-site measures to limit the risks of irresponsible gambling.

These tools have consisted of self-imposed limits, time-out alerts, educational portals and deposit caps. The UK has also banned the use of credit card payments to fund gambling accounts.

The majority of these improvements have arisen in the more-regulated traditional igaming sector, but the crypto sector has also increased its own responsible gambling commitments. Their hands have been tied somewhat though. With the more anonymous nature of crypto gambling, player information is harder to come by and this does make the job somewhat harder.

On the other hand, the trustless nature of blockchain technology provides players a fairer deal in other ways, and there's no reason that established crypto casinos can't introduce the same deposit caps and safety alerts that are found elsewhere. The likes of Bitcasino.io have led the way in many regards in replicating and improving on existing gambling measures, while also adapting them for the specific needs of a bitcoin gambler.

Other blockchain projects have also promised to bring in technology that better ensures the safety of players, with CasinoCoin and FunFair Technologies two prime examples.

So, in this week's poll, we want to know your opinion on the matter. Are crypto casinos doing enough to protect their players, or could they be doing more? Have you had any experiences with specific casinos, good or bad, when it comes to responsible gambling? Let us know in the Twitter comments.

Head over to our Twitter account now and have your say. And as per, we'll review the results in our Friday analysis piece.

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Written by Tudor

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