PokerTron brings a casino floor classic, video poker, to the TRON blockchain for the first time, and is one of the most fun TRON gambling games about.

If you’ve ever visited a casino, you will probably be familiar with video poker. It is an easy game to learn, but a tough one to master. Everyone has their own strategy, but there is always a sense that the game is rigged against you.

Now, solves that problem by bringing video poker to the TRON blockchain, with an original and unique website that lets you play the casino favourite from the comfort of your own home.

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Poker Tron video poker

Unlike some TRON casinos that offer the same old dice and moon games, Poker Tron offers something very different.

Its main game is a classic take on video poker.

For each hand, you draw five cards. You then get the choice to hold whichever cards you desire by clicking on them, before drawing again and hoping your new cards add up to a winning hand.

The multipliers if you do hit a big hand on Poker Tron are substantial.

If you are lucky enough to hit a royal flush, you will multiply your stake 800 times. That means that if you bet 1,500 TRX on the hand, you would be become an instant TRON millionaire, with 1.2 million TRX in your wallet.

Sure, this isn’t going to happen often, but there are some other great rewards on offer too. Hit a pair of jacks or better and you will at least get your stake back. When we were playing, we found we regularly hit this minimum threshold.

Then it starts getting interesting.

Two pair doubles your stake, three-of-a-kind triples it, a straight quadruples it, a flush multiplies it by six, a full house by eight, four of a kind by 23, and a straight flush returns 50x on your stake.

PokerTron offers, without a doubt, the best video poker game on the internet. We are thrilled to finally have a provably fair video poker game on the TRON blockchain.

PokerTron blackjack

Soon, PokerTron will expand its games to include a fantastic blackjack title.

Of course, blackjack is another favourite of ours, and it looks like this TRON blackjack game will be really enjoyable.

The interface is clean and looks great. It is easy to adjust your bet size, and the action is fast, so no waiting around for the cards to draw.

Of course, there are a number of blackjack games at other TRON gambling DApps available, but we would expect to see PokerTron’s effort up there as among the best.

It may not be the reason you play at PokerTron – that has to be the great video poker offering – but it is certainly a nice option if you fancy mixing things up a little. bonus

As well as enjoying two great games, players at PokerTron are also entitled to some great bonuses that can help them make money.

Firstly, if you bet more than 100 TRX you qualify for a special bonus round every week. These seven-day long leaderboards pick a certain type of poker hand – such as a full house – and then rank players by the amount of times they hit that hand over the period.

The bonuses can be great. If you win a leaderboard, you could be credited with a bonus of more than 30,000 TRX.

Even if you finish further down the leaderboard, you can still walk away with several thousand TRX. What a lovely bonus!

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pokertron dividends PKT

Earning dividends with PokerTron

Aside from the leaderboard competition, players at PokerTron can also earn a share of the casino’s profits in the form of dividends.

The more you play at PokerTron, the more PKT tokens you earn. Depending on the mining stage you can earn 1 PKT for every 50 to 445 TRX you bet. At the time of writing, the rate is currently 1 PKT token for every 70 TRX you play on the site, which is a fantastic return. It will only increase, so best to get in early.

These PKT tokens will return you a share of the casino’s dividend each day. These dividends can be higher than 1 million TRX, so it is definitely worthwhile.

All you need to do is ‘freeze’ your PKT tokens to be entitled to your share.

PKT tokens can also be bought and sold on the decentralized exchange Kiwidex, creating another way for you to make money from playing at PokerTron.

In total there is a total capped supply of 100 million PKT tokens, and we are still in the early days of mining.

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Is it safe to gamble TRON and play at PokerTron?

PokerTron is a DApp on the TRON blockchain, meaning its games are provably fair. Unlike many casinos, games cannot be rigged and all hands played on the site can be tracked on the TRON blockchain.

When you gamble at PokerTron – or indeed other TRON casinos such as Tronext – your funds stay in your personal TRON wallet (we recommend TronLink).

This means your TRX is completely safe and never out of your hands. You can sell it on exchanges whenever you wish. If you do win big at PokerTron or another TRON DApp, you have your winnings instantly.




PokerTron brings the classic video poker game into the modern age via the TRON blockchain. The action is fast and furious and there are some potentially huge multipliers to win if you are lucky enough to hit a royal flush.

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