Pennsylvanian crypto miner targeted in environmental lawsuit

Environmental concerns are clashing with the ambitions of crypto mining businesses in Pennsylvania as a lawsuit was lodged against one party

Stronghold Digital Mining Inc. was targeted by an environmental lawsuit last week, with the company’s Bitcoin mine in northeastern Pennsylvania named as the main culprit. The lawsuit comes from Save Carbon County which was filed with the state court in Philadelphia and cites the state as the defendant as the mine continues to burn waste coal and old tyres to turn into energy, resulting in dangerous chemicals being released in the country and impacting communities.

According to the lawsuit, Stronghold has released mercury into waterways and other harmful chemical. Sulphur dioxide was released into the air as well, which further added to the pollution and the health risks faced by residents. Stronghold was established as part of a tax-incentive scheme the state has introduced to attract businesses, but the unintended environmental impact has spurred civil action that is looking to ensure that the alleged polluter is held accountable for any environmental and community damage.

Stronghold has vehemently denied these allegations and said that as part of its energy production, it has actually focused on cleaning up land and water areas by absorbing the wasted coal and tyres that had been left there before the company came around. According to Stronghold, through its efforts, it had been able “to reclaim 1,050 acres of once-blighted land”

Bitcoin mining is an intensely power-hungry process that has prompted miners to seek alternative mining sources such as volcanic and geothermal energy. Some of the companies even stationed their mining operations in Russia’s far north, using a mix of cheap natural gas and sub-zero temperatures to cool down the temperature of the hardware which could virtually melt because of the mining.

However, a strong criticism against mining operations remains that they rely on fossil fuels to spearhead their work.

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