The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) has announced that the decentralized sports betting exchange BookiePro is “one step closer” to a mainnet launch.

In an update, BookiePro, which held a public beta last summer, said the PBSA had released the hardfork code for the blockchain, including BookiePro to Peerplays Witnesses for “immediate integration”.

It also said that Peerplays Witnesses – who have ultimate control when it comes to launching BookiePro – have been provided the code to install the latest BOS version on new mainnet nodes.

“It’s certainly an exciting time to be following BookiePro and Peerplays,” the update said.

Peerplays, which was recently listed on two new exchanges, was up 14 percent for the day at time of writing to $0.742089 for a market cap of $3.3m.

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