Peergame debuts Dice game

According to the team behind Peergame, “gambling has lost its ways,” leaving a lot to be desired from current gambling portals. The company believes that the “next level” experience should have to do with simplified deposits and withdrawals, for one.

Peergame’s CEO remembers playing Satoshi Dice and reveling in the intuitive gameplay of the game. With Peergame, the company hopes to develop more such exciting titles that can add innovation and completely reinvent the crypto gaming experience.

Commenting on the Peergame's project, the CEO had this to say:

“We believe we are building upon what they started [Satoshi Dice] and will continue to seek ways to enhance the gaming experience.”

Peergame's own Dice game is a means to innovate the crypto and blockchain dice experience, and adds to Peergame’s five other distinct games, namely Bitto, Turtle Race, Ladder, Baccarat, and Dice.

The company is also focusing on various events designed to promote Dice and bring it to the attention of players. Peergame vows to completely change the experience.

One of the upsides of the platform is their commitment to honest and fair gaming, and transparency. Peergame's team is reachable via several social media handles, including Twitter and Telegram.

The company has been around since August 2019 and it's gradually pushing its platform and increasing its footprint. Some signature events which have stirred some buzz in the past include Go with Blue and Go with Red, as well as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Peergame remains committed to providing players and gamblers with new and enjoyable ways to experience blockchain gaming.

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Written by Tudor

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