OWLDAO: “We want to bring the best aspects of non-crypto casinos into Web3.”

OwlDAO spoke to CGN about DAOs in crypto gambling, web3 casinos and the future of the Owl.Games platform

What is Owl.Games? Explain a bit about your history.

Thanks again for reaching out. Our crypto-gambling platform, Owl.Games, was born in 2021 via OwlDAO, a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) dedicated to providing casino platform services on web3

OwlDAO helps projects in crypto to build a casino platform, offer more use cases for their tokens, and create a new stream of revenue for their teams.

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What makes Owl.Games different from other decentralized betting platforms?

Right off the bat, we offer over 3,000+ casino games and an entire sportsbook with 36,000+ monthly events that users can start playing by simply connecting their web3 wallet. 

We want to bring the best aspects of non-crypto casinos into web3. The highlights of non-crypto casinos include big game catalogs, no-fee bets, and efficiency.

We host over 30 tokens from multiple chains, ranging from core tokens such as ETH, Lunc, Solana, and so on, to more niche tokens such as APE and Doge to create various ways for users to play and win using those coins.  

What makes betting platforms and web3 a great match?

There's a case-by-case study here since not all web3 platforms are equal.

I'd say instant payments, borderless access to these platforms, and innovation since the crypto sphere is one of the most creative groups of people when it comes to creating new ideas out of thin air. 

Do you think crypto betting platforms should worry about the bear market?

That depends entirely on the type of community each platform has, there are players and there are investors. 

Investors mostly play when they have extra profits, on the other end players that love the games and the thrill are actually more inclined to play during bear markets since there are no real opportunities for betting in the market. 

What's in store for the future of Owl.Games? What should the community be looking forward to in the near future?

We're always looking to expand our game catalog and we will be adding more novelty games and PVP games so players can bet with each other. We also aim to expand our NFT deposit options to give players the ability to use their NFT's in games on top of the list of cryptocurrencies we offer.

We will be expanding our operations to SUI and APTOS networks, welcoming users from those networks and inviting them to make Owl.Games their home.

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Written by Alex Buckley

Alex is an editor at CryptoGamblingNews.com who focuses on cryptocurrency and web3 gambling.

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