Norilsk to become Bitcoin mining center

The Russian city of Norilsk in Siberia is to host BitCluster, a Bitcoin mining operation co-owned by Vitaly Borschenko.

Borschenko is convinced that mining in the Arctic Circle, or close to it, is the best way to keep hardware cool for mining.

Norilsk lies 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and it may soon be known for one of the biggest crypto farms in the world, courtesy of BitCluster.

The climate is cold, but it still allows to successfully build a data center, as well as helping cool down the machines used to mine digital gold around the clock. In terms of climate challenges, Borschenko said that the company already knows how to deal with temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius and winds stronger than 30 meters per second.

More importantly, winter in the city is nine-months long, meaning BitCluster would not have to adapt to many climate fluctuations throughout the year. Not least, Norilsk offers some of the cheapest electricity prices in the country, and electricity plays a huge role in crypto mining.

According to Borschenko, the electricity costs in the city are at least 25% cheaper than other regions in the country. Norilsk generates its own electricity using hydropower and natural gas, disconnecting it from the main electricity grid in the country.

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